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Best 2K Paint

Written by Andy Potts - Ultrimax - 19/04/23

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The Best 2K Paint (And It's VOC Compliant!)

2K (2-pack) paints are the go-to coating for industrial applications, and with good reason. They are highly durable, withstand harsh environments, have chemical resistance and deliver superb colour retention. But which is the best 2K paint on the market and why?

This comprehensive article explains the things to consider when buying a 2K paint and highlights our star product, Ultrithane 31.

But first of all, do you actually need 2K paint?

1K paint vs 2K paint

Not every industrial paint job calls for a 2K product. A high-quality 1K coating may have the properties that you need.

What is 1K paint?

1K (alkyd) paint reacts with oxygen in the air to produce a durable enamel film. It is cheaper than other types of paint, doesn't require a hardener, is safer to use than 2K products and can be applied over any primer.

When to use 1K paint

A good quality, high-build acrylic 1K paint is suitable for most industrial applications. Choose a 1K paint if the following criteria apply to your requirements:

  • You want a safer alternative to 2K paint
  • Your product won't be exposed to harsh or atmospheric environments or vigorous wear and tear
  • High colour retention is not a priority
  • Fast drying times are not important.

Which is the best 1K paint?

Our bestselling 1K product is Ultrimax 1 all-in-one primer and topcoat. It's suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, including plant and machinery, gates and railings, general steel fabrications, and architectural metalwork.


Reasons to choose Ultrimax 1:

  • Suitable for any industry
  • Direct-to-metal primer and topcoat in one
  • One-coat application
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • No sagging
  • High-build for a durable high-gloss finish in just one coat
  • Good resistance to water, abrasion, solvents, chemicals
  • Good level of colour retention
  • It can be mixed to any colour, with consistent batch-to-batch colour matching


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What is 2K paint?

2K paints are typically used on steel and concrete. They come in two parts: the base paint and a hardener (usually polyisocyanate), which reacts with the base paint to form a highly durable coating. The two components have to be mixed together immediately before application.

Important note: Isocyanates are extremely hazardous to human health, so 2K paints that contain isocyanates must be sprayed with the correct PPE in a suitable booth. They are also highly flammable, so safe storage is a must too. Read How To Use Isocyanates Safelyfor further guidance.

When to use 2K paint

2K paint is the go-to coating when you need excellent resistance to harsh weather (C5-M environments), heavy use or traffic, high temperatures, chemicals or UV.

H3 What to look for in a 2K paint product

Not all 2K paint products are made equal. Here are some questions to consider when making your next purchase.

Does it need a primer?

Some 2K formulas are self-priming; others require a separate primer coat before applying the topcoat.

Does it contain isocyanates?

If you are looking for a safer and more sustainable product, there are 2K paints on the market that don't contain isocyanates.

Can it be mixed to match your colour requirements?

Not all 2K paints can be tinted to any colour, and not all colour-matching services provide consistent colours on repeat batch orders.

Which is the best 2K paint?

Ultrithane 31 polyurethane 2K paint is our second bestselling product after Ultrimax 1. We have spent ten years refining the formula to make it a leading industrial paint that performs in the harshest conditions.

Reasons to choose Ultrithane 31:

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Buy Ultrithane 31Fleet Colours and 2K hardener online >>

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