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Ultrithane 31 (Industrial High Gloss 2K Paint)- Agco Grey Fleet

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4 Litre
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Product Description


Ultrithane 31 - High Gloss 2K Paint - One Coat Agricultural Colours

 industrial metal paint high gloss 2k paint

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Ultrithane 31 is a high-build, one coat, anti-corrosive primer and topcoat, high gloss 2K polyurethane paint. This product has excellent resistance to weathering and will provide a long lasting finish.

This product can be applied direct to metal without the need of a primer. The anti-corrosive formula ensures a primer isn't required enabling one coat application.

Ultrithane 31 has a fine level of gloss at 60%+ level. This is long-lasting and protects surfaces when exposed to harsh chemicals. It is petrol and solvent resistant, and should any metal come into contact with a toxic substance, the anti-corrosive zinc phosphate coating effectively protects it against damage. It's also water-resistant, meaning the surfaces will not weather easily.


High Gloss 2K Paint

This product is highly durable and its acrylic polyurethane properties ensure it is the ideal choice for painting industrial tools, metal fabrication, agricultural machinery and fleet painting. With a smooth finish and lasting shine, this product makes any apparatus look brand new for longer. It promotes excellent adhesion on metal, stainless steel, aluminium and several other materials. When applied onto a surface free from dust, oil and other contaminates, the coating is more effective and visibly slick.

Ultrithane 31’s application is straightforward with the most satisfying results. With an airless spray, brush or roller, the coating covers all the desired areas. No special painting skills are required, which makes it all the more accessible and effortless to use. The paint provides an excellent state-of-the-art appearance as it has a high quality, glossy finish.

Colour retention is the key element of the formula, and only one coat is needed for rapid drying and desired results. Compatible with any RAL or BS colours, the paint is available in 4-litre tins. It can be used without a primer, or as a touch-up. Hiding blemishes and cracks, the coating settles firmly and conceals surfaces by adding a fresh and remodelled look.


Sustainable Painting

Environmentally-friendly and isocyanate free, Ultrithane 31 a safe and reliable product. Many commercial primers contain strong chemicals and weak adhesion properties, causing the coating to wear over time. However, this product’s compounds use high solids and fewer solvents, making it a more sustainable consumable. In addition to having high resistance to chemical and mechanical stress, the paint also endures tough atmospheric conditions. Protection from aggressive environments is crucial and one coating of the paint does just that. Exposure to air or dust particles as well as toxic chemicals can lower the quality and function of a tool, but this product reduces damage, adds aesthetic value and is guaranteed to last.

Key High Gloss 2K Paint Features

  • High solids - reliable product when applying
  • High Build - one coat product
  • Glossy Finish - above 60% Gloss levels
  • VOC Compliant
  • Direct To Metal
  • Anti-Corrosive Finish - Can be used as a primer and topcoat
  • Excellent Adhesion to most surfaces.



Requires Ultrithane 31 Fast Hardener Once you add this product to basket you will be asked if you require the hardener product also. - 2K hardener. When spraying 2K paints you must use a hardener with the paint to activate the first coat. Not using a hardener with this product may cause issues after use. You will receive an option to purchase hardener when you add this product to basket. You can choose to add the hardener or 'X' to add to basket without hardener. Ultrimax Coatings ltd takes no responsibility for issues arising with 2K paint used without the proper hardener.

Technical Detail


Key Features

2K high gloss industrial paint for metals. Ideal for fleet painting

Mixed in-House at our UK facility making this paint available for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm

Available in 4litre tins with Ring and Latch closers for safe transport and easy opening

2K Paint product requires hardener to activate - Ultrithane 31 Fast Hardener Recommended 4:1 ratio

Gloss Level - High Gloss 80-90% Gloss Level

Composition - Acrylic - Polyurethane Formula

Thinner - Use 2K Thinner only

Anti-Corrosive zinc properties in the formula - The product is characterised by high resistance if exposed to weathering and good anti-corrosive power.

One coat required. Primer and topcoat product due to anti-corrosive properties.

Ideal Tip Size To Use - 0.011-0.019 thou

Ideal Spray Paint Pump to Use - compatible with a full range (ensure correct cleaning out of pump and hose lines after use due to 2K paint)

Colours Can Be tinted to a full range of RAL Colours, British Standard Colours and Fleet & Machinery Colours

Drying Times - Surface Dry 30minutes / Hard Cure 24 hours

Dry and Wet Film Thickness - Dry 50 microns / Wet 100-125 microns

Theoretical coverage rate - 11m2 per litre

Application - Spray advised, brush for small touch up areas.


RECOMMENDED USE As primer and top-coat with excellent anticorrosive power for metalwork in general.



Colour Tinting Service

Viscosity from 2000 to 2500 mPa.s (20°C) A 3 - V 20

Specific Gravity 85% Gloss from 80 to 90

Solids content % in weight 73 % in volume 56

V.O.C. g/l 344



METAL: clean, dry, degreased, without rust and/or calamine.

GALVANIZED SHEET: verify the perfect cleaning of the support and eliminate, through brushing, the whitecorrosion. If the galvanized sheet is new, perfectly degrease it with acid solvent or treate the surface with our Metal Primer.

LIGHT ALLOYS: clean, dry,


Essential Product Information.

Ultrithane 31 - Agco Grey

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