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Sayerlack Water Based Exterior Wood Paint


water based exterior wood paints

Written by Andy Potts - 01/11/2022 - The Best Water Based Wood Paints For Joiners


Sayerlack Exterior Wood Paints Introduced To The UK

Today, we’re excited to tell you about Sayerlack’s new range of exterior joinery paints. The brand is traditionally known for its premium interior coatings, but their latest products are set to make them market leaders in exterior coatings too.

With exterior painting comes the additional challenge of coping with the elements. Sayerlack has rigorously tested its products to protect softwood against rot, mould and fungal attack. The system can also be applied to hardwood and tropical species but, as with any other coating system, you’ll need to check the product technical data sheet for any extra precautions when using these types of timber.

What's In The Range?

Sayerlack has introduced a fairly comprehensive and robust exterior wood painting lineup which can be tinted to any colour. To combat the elements and provide some extra protection for tough environments there is also a midcoat and a number of different lacquer types. It adds a little complication compared to say the easy to understand interior line up of AU474 primer with AT99 topcoat...but once you understand the products it's actually a very simple range to work with. Take a look at the line up below and feel free to send us a quick mail if you need any further information here.


If you prefer to watch the training video on exterior wood paints view it below.

Exterior Wood Primers

AM0504 - Tintable Primer

The AM0504 clear stain base is a water-based preservative woodstain designed to protect exterior softwood and hardwood structures, such as windows and doors. It can be applied as a flowcoat or dip, has excellent water resistance and UV filtering properties, and can be tinted to RAL, BS or pretty much any colour.

  • Water-based (low VOC)
  • Flowcoat/dip application
  • Suitable for all wood species
  • Water and UV resistance
  • Tintable (transparent/opaque)
  • Use on windows and doors

View AM0504 Clear Stain Base Primer (Available to order / Not available online order)>>


Exterior White Primers

Sayerlack’s exterior range includes two white primers. There’s the standard AML351 primer, which is a high-performance formula for laminated knot-free softwood and many hardwoods. It performs well on tannin-rich timbers like oak and meranti, has excellent hiding and stain-blocking power, and can be used on vertical surfaces without dripping, running or sagging. The fast-drying finish is both flexible and durable.

AML3519 - Primer

  • Water-based (low VOC)
  • Suitable for laminated knot-free softwoods & many hardwoods
  • Blocks tannins
  • Excellent hiding power & stain-blocking
  • Flexible, durable finish
  • Fast drying
  • Uniform vertical build without sags, drips or runs

View AML3519 Primer >>

The second white primer is the AML3420 universal primer. It has the same performance qualities as the standard primer but is also knot-bleed resistant and suitable for use on all types of timber.


AML3420 - Universal Primer

  • Same properties as the standard primer
  • Knot-bleed resistance
  • Eliminates downtime – one primer for all types of timber

View AML3420 Universal Primer (available Special Order - Not Online Order) >>


Exterior Midcoats & Topcoat Wood Paints

AZ3430 Mid-Coat Wood Paint

AZ3430 is a robust, 1-pack translucent topcoat for woodstain basecoats. It has excellent clarity, water spot resistance and UV filtering properties and can be tinted with XA4034 transparent pastes. You can also use it as a midcoat for timber that will be exposed to harsh exterior conditions.

  • Water-based (low VOC)
  • Suitable for industrial/non-industrial use
  • Excellent clarity
  • Water spot and UV resistant
  • Tintable
  • Can be used as a midcoat


AZ97 Water Based Topcoat

AZ97 is a very popular exterior wood paint, easy to use and produces an excellent finish, Drying time even for a water based is very quick and the product can be tinted making it very flexible. The AZ97 water-based topcoat system is designed for hardwood and softwood joinery applications such as windows, doors and conservatories. It has excellent water resistance and UV properties; and allows a uniform, high vertical build without drips, runs or sags. The product is available in 30% and 60% gloss levels and is fully tintable.

  • Water-based (low VOC)
  • Suitable for hardwood & softwood
  • Use on exterior windows, doors & conservatories
  • Excellent water & UV resistance
  • High vertical build without drips, runs or sags
  • Available in 30% and 60% gloss levels
  • Tintable

View AZ97 Topcoat >


TU218 2 Pack Solvent-based PU topcoat

TU218 is a superb product in a class of its own. It produces a superb and durable finish, with only the extra addition of a 2 pack paint to coinsider when setting up your painting. If you require a top-class finish that exceeds the capabilities of low VOC water-based coatings, TU218 will hit the mark. It’s also a good choice if you’re working in poor drying conditions. TU218 is available as a clear coat as well as 15, 30 or 40% gloss levels, and it’s a fully tintable system.

View TU218 2 Pack Available to Special order Not Available Online >


AOL3867 Clear For Exterior

For constructions such as garden furniture, benches and gazebos, Sayerlack’s low build AOL3867 product is the perfect solution for protecting outdoor constructions such as garden furniture, benches, gazebos. It has superb flexibility and adhesion, and as with the other Sayerlack products, it’s tintable to any colour.

  • Water-based (low VOC)
  • Low build
  • Excellent flexibility & adhesion
  • Use for outdoor constructions such as garden furniture, benches & gazebos
  • Tintable

View AOL3867 - Available as a special order - not available online >


End Grain sealers and V-Joint Sealers

Sayerlack produce two end grain and v-joint sealers to ensure water ingress doesn't destroy the job you've just worked hard to install.

End grain sealing is a critical step when it comes to exterior joinery. If you miss it out, moisture will get into the ends of your timber and v-joints over time, causing them to swell and crack the paint.

The Sayerlack exterior range includes two end grain sealer products:

  • XA0469, End Sealer hich can be used with all Sayerlack exterior finishing systems
  • XAV3807, V-Joint sealer which is designed for factory-applied windows and doors and other similar joinery constructions.

View XA0469 End Sealer >

View XAV3807 V-Joint Sealer >


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