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Sayerlack Clear V-Joint Sealer For Exterior Wood - XA0470/00 - 1 Tube

Product Ref: SWA310

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Product Description

water based exterior wood paints

Sayerlack Clear V-Joint Sealer For Exterior Wood - XA0470/00

XA0470/00 is the new ready-to-use 1K waterbased clear v-joint sealer designed for exterior water based painting for door and window frames and for other wooden objects for outdoor use. Thanks to its high elasticity resins the product ensures good penetration and minimal shrinkage, needed to provide excellent water repellency.

This new waterbased exterior wood v-joint sealer comes in standard cartridge applicators making it very easy to use and clean. It is a versatile use product, meaning that it can be used both in translucent and solid colour coating processes, made possible by the superb transparency that the product maintains once dried.

Typical APPLICATION PROCESS consists of very few steps:

1.apply the basecoat for exterior then sand if needed; apply XA0470/00 and press it in the gaps by hand with a finger or with a spatula;

2. remove any excess of product; apply the topcoat for exterior. XA0470/00 is designed to fill even the smaller gaps in every wooden joinery.

The design of innovative products continues, looking for solutions that take good care of any wooden object, to ensure a greater durability over time.


Best Results For A Top Exterior Paint Finish

AZ97 is an exterior paint where a very high quality paint finish can be acheieved. To ensure the best possible surface adhesion we recommend the following process.

x1 Coat of AML3519 Exterior Primer

x1/2 Coats of AZ97 Exterior paint topcoat

Cut ends use End Sealer or V-joint sealer.


Ideal For Windows, Doors & Cladding

V-Joint sealer is a professional water based exterior paint sealer ideal for exterior windows,doors and conservatories. When teamed with the high vertical build achievable with AZ97 also means other joinery applications such as cladding, and taller structures can be painted to a high finish. Will cope in the more harsh exterior environment while providing safety to operators being a water based exterior paint. Team the AZ97 with our suggested AML3519 primer to creta a top level finish. AZ97 can be tinted at order point to any exterior wood paint colours required. It's essential in the external joinery environment that when you cut timber to ensure you end seal and v-joint seal your timber to protect from water ingress or your outside wood paint will fail. Check out our links below for the full selection of water based exterior paint and a 2 Pack range for exteriors.



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