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Critical Spray Shop Supplies

As the aftershock of the Cornonavirus places stress on the people and business networks, Ultrimax has been asked to gear up as an essential supplies company. Ultrimax stocks include critical supplies and our involvement in this process and led us to compile a list of th emost ordered items to make a spray shop tick....and it isn't always paint that needs ordering! 

We are currently operating with key organisations such as the

  • Home Office
  • Emergency Services
  • Secondary services such as GP's and Dentists to supply essential supplies and reduce the stress on primary suppliers.

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Making Essential Supplies Easy to View

In an concerted effort to make it easy for critical services to access our emergency supplies, rather than trail through our full catalogue we have placed a list of essential supplies products below which are directly linked to product pages for easy ordering.

Emergency services, and critical supplies distributors are urged to create an online login, favourite items so they appear in your MYACCOUNT list and then re-order as required.

By doing this you will speed up the order process and automate part of th ordering process meaning we can service your requests quicker than by telephone.

Should you require help with setting up an account please use the signup form link below to receive direct contact from our office.

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Essential Supplies - Hand Wipes / Face Wipes

Below is a quick guide to essential supplies for the Coronavirus in the category of Hand Wipes and Face Wipes primarily for respirators.

3M Face Seal Cleaner Wipes (Respirators)

essential paint shop supplies

View 3M Respirator Face Seal Wipes on


3M respirator face seal wipes are the leading brand for respirator based products. These face wipes work across any half face or full face respirator equipment and can be used to clean plastic or lens based areas.

3MT Face Seal Cleaner 105 is an individually wrapped wipe for cleaning and freshening a reusable mask without damaging it.

  • Face seal cleaner for reusable masks
  • Ideal for half face or full face masks
  • Disinfectant Wipe ideal for bacteria control
  • Individually foil wrapped - ensuring contaminants cannot cross

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Ultrimax Overalls / Coveralls for Men or Women

coveralls for men and women

View fully covered Ultrimax overalls on

These quality chemical protective coveralls are known for ultimate protection, increased comfort and 100% trustworthy. "They're perfect. Any day as good as 3m."  (Testimonial from a Paint Shop Supervisor.)

  • Safety designed with EN approval.
    • EN 13982-1, particle proof
    • EN13034, limited splash proof
    • EN1149-5, antistatic
    • EN1073-2, protection against radioactive particles
  • Antistatic coating greatly reduces static discharge and the risk of sparks
  • Cut of the garment provides outstanding freedom of movement, including a three-piece diamond gusset and snug fitting three-piece hood with elastic
  • Elasticated waist and ankles, plus knitted soft cuffs for extra comfort
  • Effective zip with double storm flap, reduces the risk of skin exposure
  • Fully breathable back for reduced heat stress
  • Hard-wearing and moisture resistant
  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, XXX Large

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Ultrimax Spirit Wipe Cloth

white spirit cloth


View Ultrimax Spirit Wipe Cloth

Ultrimax Spirit wipes are used for degreasing along with Ultrimax Panel Wipe for cleaning.

  • Thick material - will hold plenty of spirit
  • Low linting - even when scrubbing vigorously
  • Extremely strong - will not tear or snag
  • Pure white - removed dirt can be seen easily

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Seat Covers - Response Vehicles and Personal / Commercial Vehicles

commercial seat covers

View Seat Covers Response and Private Vehicles

Plastic Seat Covers - Pk of 100

These plastic car seat covers will fit most single car and van seats. Comes in a roll of 100 covers.

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Ultrimax Black Bin Bags - 70 Litre - Pk of 200

commercial seat covers

View Black Waste Disposal Sacks

These strong black dustbin sacks are ideal for heavy-duty industrial or domestic use.

Tear resistant.

Manufactured from low density polythene.

Environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled polythene.

Supplied in perforated rolls of 200 bags, it's a really economical way to purchase and store these business essentials.


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Noisebeta Foam Earplugs - Dispenser Box of 200prs

commercial seat covers

View Ear Buds on

Classic disposable foam earplugs in individually wrapped pairs for greater hygiene and convenience.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for sleeping, working and travel
  • Safe, soft and comfortable
  • Reduces the level of unwanted noise
  • Box of 200
  • Simple roll-to-fit application
  • SNR=37dB
  • Approved to BS EN352-2:2002

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Ultrimax Premium Safety Goggles

safety goggles

View Ultrimax Premium Safety Goggles on


Ultrimax Premium Safety Goggles have impact and abrasion resistant, clear polycarbonate lens. Indirect ventilation offers mist free vision, plus protection against dust and liquid splash.

Suitable for various applications including woodwork, home renovation, painting and for use with most domestic power tools. Fits over most prescription spectacles. Fully adjustable elasticated strap.

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Pro Safe 2 Disposable White Overshoes - Pk of 50

safety goggles

View Protective Overshoes on

Tyvek overshoes provide a cost effective solution to many of the problems associated with cross contamination that can be caused by dirty footwear.

In many areas where a clean environment is important or required by regulation, staff and visitors are able to enter and move freely using their own footwear covered by Tyvek overshoe.

Manufactured from polyethylene with an elasticated closure.

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Gramos Kleenall Paste Handcleaner - Hand Cleaner

commercial seat covers

View Gramos Kleenall Paste on

Hand Cleaner

Removing harsh solvents, paints and resins is only the beginning of this products role. It doubles as an effective professional level barrier for your skin that is quick and easy to use.

A pleasant, sensitive to skin and yet powerful paste for the removal of paint, resins & adhesives.

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 aerosols consumables and sanding aerosols

 paint and thinner  spray equipment and spray guns  tools and equipment

inflation and rising prices


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