Specialists in precision paint colour matching for kitchen & joinery manufacturers

Discover Ultrimax's consistent colour matching service for wood coatings - Enhanced by our Colormax® Technology. Ultrimax ensures that you receive an accurate colour every time at the highest standard.

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Colormax®: Tailored Colour Matching Solution

Here at Ultrimax we understand the significance of precise and consistent colour matching for our customers. Ultrimax has transformed its colour-matching approach with cutting-edge Colormax® technology. This ensures that each time you order with us, you receive flawlessly matched colours time and time again. Additionally, we have a team of fully trained, in-house paint technicians ready to assist you at every step.

We stock a range of different paints which can be tinted to any colour including, water-based paints, polyurethane paints, acid catalysed and pre catalysed paints.

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FAQ's About Colormax®

Interested in our Colormax® technology? - here are our most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you require further information.

Q: What is the best way to send in a sample for colour matching?

Q: What happens if I need to reorder the same paint colour?

Q: How long does the colour matching process take?

Q: How accurate are the colour matches?

Q: Do we use white or clear bases?

Q: Can you match to specific paint colours?

Q: Can paint be matched to any colour?

Q: How big of a paint chip do I need to match?

Q: Which paints can be used for colour matching?

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Foxstow Joinery Co Successful Colormax® Collaboration

“As the Director at Foxstow Joinery Co, I cannot emphasise enough the invaluable support Ultrimax has provided us with their colour matching expertise. The importance of colour matching in our joinery projects are key to their success and Ultrimax has been a great partner in achieving this goal.

Thanks to Ultrimax's advanced colour matching technology and paint technicians, they have been able to complete 57 paint accurate matches for various projectsover the last 6 months, with more to come. Whether it's matching a new batch of paint to an existing colour scheme, Ultrimax has consistently delivered exceptional results.

What truly sets Ultrimax apart is their commitment to customer support and technical advice, their team is always on hand to support with our joinery colour matching projects. If needed, we are able to order the same colour again, with a consistent colour match.

Thanks to the Ultrimax team and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration”. Oliver Bryan

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