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sectors we cover for our trade hub - joinery, steel, plant, rail

Sectors We Cover

Rail | Steel Fabricators | Joinery | Plant & Machinery | Engineers | Agricultural | Aerospace | Painting Contractors | Marine

Joinery - An industry leader in the field, we've helped companies such as Wren, Symphony and Omega PLC revitalise their production lines and paint systems delivering significant quality improvements.

Joinery Products - Sayerlack 1 pack and 2 pack systems, Ultrimax sanding abrasives, Ultrimax spray facilities, Lacquers, Ultrimax Spray Filters, Kremlin / Wagner autospray line parts.
Rail - Working with companies such as Wabtec, SCC and Gemini Rail, Ultrimax has impleneted stock control systems to reduce costs and streamline project work.

Rail Products - Tuffalo protection tapes, Ultrimax sanding abrasives, aerosols, body fillers, Masking Paper and mixing cups, Ultrimax Overalls


Plant & Machinery - At Street Crane, Carnaud Metalbox & VolkerBrooks Ultrimax special paint formulations in 1 pack and 2 pack have increased speed but reduced waste and issues.

Plant & Machinery Products - Ultrimax 1 metal paint, Ultrithane 31 metal paint, Overalls, Nitrile Gloves, Ultriprime Zinc Primer, Graco Spray Pumps

Steel Fabrication - Ultrimax can provide full training, supply and installation of electrostatic spray setups to supercharge high volume sprayers of components. Reduce waste and solvent use while lowering VOC's.

Steel Fabrication Products - Solvent recyclers, Electrostatic spray setups, Ultrimax 1 Paint, Overalls, Nitrile Gloves, Ultrimax Spray Booth Filter.


Trade Only Benefits

Partner with Ultrimax as a trade customer and gain access to a set of Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Advantages.

  • Ordering Bespoke Trade Pricing | Free Delivery over £295+vat | Online Ordering | Rewards Scheme
  • Response Rapid Response to Quotes in 59 minutes or less | On-Site Paint Mixing to any RAL, British Standard or Retail Colour
  • Account Management 30 Day Credit Terms | Personal Account Manager | UK Stock Holding | Bespoke Buying Service
  • Assistance Free VOC Reporting for your business | Free technical assistance and training modules


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 we cover for our trade hub - joinery, steel, plant, rail

Stock Management Solutions

For The Procurement Professional

Streamline the buying process in your organisation. Ultrimax's unique automated technology provides plenty of advanced features:

  • Provide buying limits to paint shop staff
  • Allow staff to scan low stock products as they go and build a new order
  • Order submitting can be retained with the procurement officer to ensure costs are controlled
  • Re-order at the storage cupboard not the desk
  • Setup 2 allows instant ordering if required across multiple depots
  • Build loyalty points to redeem against orders or gifts
  • Receive automated reminders of low stocks
  • Reduce stock holding with lean buying
  • Compatible with Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles


credit account for trade customers

Apply For A Trade Account Today

Feel like Ultrimax is the partner for you? Download our Credit Application Form Below.

  • Download the form and fill in online, via email or postal return.
  • Trade accounts must commit to a £5000 spend per year to qualify
  • 30 Day Credit Terms, Bespoke Trade Pricing Included
  • Online account pre-set with your favourite products included
  • Free product, paintshop and stock level appraisal included.
  • UK Stock Holding Options

FAQs - Do you need help with the following challenges?

Q: We have too much or too little stock at any one time delaying projects


Ultrimax can provide a full on-site audit of your yearly or project work stock needs. We can then forward project a stock solution which may include forward buying, Ultrimax stock holding or even a full stock control management solution.

Q: I'm suffering with paint finish issues


If you're suffering with a variety of paint issues there are just as many reasons why they might be occurring. Ultrimax has NACE Level 2 inspectors who can help you on-site analyse and correct paint problems from blooming to water spotting and delaminating.

Q: Our spray booth and filters aren't performing to the standard we need


Spray booth setup, control and maintenance requires a specific skill set in building regulations, air flow measurement and application techniques. Ultrimax's in-house spray booth specialist will not only be able to survey your setup and advise performance improvements, but you can run through how to take your spraying setup to the next level and create speed, volume or drying time improvements to affect your bottom line.

Q: Our product prices are fluctuating too aggressively?


Yes - the recent turmoil surrounding COVID caused a temporary tightening of supply and therefore product price increase.

However as this settles if your product pricing is still in high flux you may want to ask yourself

1) is your current supplier able to buy and store in significant enough quantities to supply you quickly and regulate pricing?

2) Can your supplier only supply brand names?

Ultrimax also has same quality own branded goods that allow you to swap out products for items where we own the IP of them, control pricing and control supply and manufacture making budgeting easier for you.

Q: Our equipment is high quality, but our finish is inconsistent


When you have new high technology capex equipment like spray booths and drying rooms, but still receive a poor finish you may need to dive deeper into your setup. Our spray booth and paint inspectors can help you gauge if your paint system, application technique or even equipment needs fine tuning to produce increased performance levels. In most cases we find that in one of more areas we can improve a customers full setup producing efficiency, cost and performance benefits.

Q: We don't receive the response we need from our supplier


At Ultrimax we identified response as a key component to satisfaction for our larger commercial customers. It's why we provide a 59 minutes** or less response rate to quotes and customer requests. This rapid response time ensures, no matter if you are experiencing an issue or need to order for project management, our corporate clients can rest safely that we are acting as efficiently as a parallel to one of your own departments **Within business hours

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