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By Andy Potts For Ultrimax Coatings Ltd - 22/02/23

 ultrimax 50 year anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Ultrimax – Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

It's hard for us to believe that 2023 marks our 50th anniversary. How time flies! In those 50 years, Ultrimax has become known as a paint coating manufacturer that delivers top-quality paint, spray equipment and technical packages to customers in specialised sectors such as rail, joinery, plant and steel fabrication. But how did we become the company we are today? Here's a quick look at how Ultrimax has evolved over the last half a century and a sneaky peek at new things to come...

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The 1970s – Donparts

We haven't always been Ultrimax. The original business began in 1973 using the name Donparts. It sold cellulose paints to auto and industrial businesses across Yorkshire. The company premises were humble –Donald Hoare's home garage, to be precise! The kit was low-tech too. We made paint using a simple set of weighing scales and a formula card and made deliveries in the family car. Learning on the job, Donald soon developed a deep technical knowledge of paint products.

With a strong focus on customer service, Donparts got off to a good start, and in 1979 the business expanded stock to meet growing demand.

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The 1980s – new premises and product ranges

In 1980, we bought a plot of land on Clayfield Industrial Estate, Doncaster, where we built a warehouse, trade counter and offices. We continued to develop our product range to include paint shop consumables and spray equipment. By 1985, we had secured direct accounts with brands such as 3M, Mirka and Devilbiss.



 jotun came onboard in the 90s

The 1990s – Finishline Products

The 90s saw us diversify into the industrial paints sector. We became a distributor for Jotun Protective Coatings and rebranded as Finishline Products to better reflect the industries we serviced.

 ultrimax 1 launch

The 2000s – Ultrimax Coatings

In the early 2000s, we launched a range of specialist wood coatings for the shop fitters and joinery markets. We also sold off the automotive business. Then, in 2006, our team formulated a unique range of paint products under the brand name Ultrimax Coatings. Ultrimax 1 single-pack paint hit the shelves at the end of the decade, quickly becoming our best-selling paint and it still is today!


The 2010s – Total Paint Shop Support

The 2010s were about helping our customers maximise output in every aspect of their operations.

In 2014, we launched Ultrimaxstore.com, our online web portal, making the order process super easy.

Later, in 2019, we introduced our TPS4 Total Paint Shop Support team. Customers could now come to us for spray equipment and servicing; in-house training; colour-matching; and free site consultation visits.

 ultrimax 1 launch

The 2020s – product and service expansion

In 2020, we launched another best-selling product: Ultrithane 31, a two-pack, high-gloss polyurethane direct to metal coating.

2022 was another exciting year for Ultrimax. We expanded our specialist team to include spray booth experts, allowing us to offer a bespoke spray booth design service. We also introduced a barcode scanning system, helping our customers to improve and streamline stock control.

What next?

Fuelled by loyal customers, Ultrimax moves into 2023 as a company focused on growth and delivering outstanding customer service. We have big plans on the horizon, including the launch of Aquimax – a new range of own-brand water-based coatings, and opening another depot in Northern Ireland!


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