Why a High Quality Paint Finish is Crucial (video)

A paint shop can often be overlooked in the manufacturing process. We believe that the paint finish should be the most invested in area of manufacturing to ensure that every product has a high quality paint finish.

Think about it. What's the first thing your customer sees when you deliver their consignment? The paint job. This is one of the reasons why a high quality paint finish is vital. Watch the video or read the blog below to find out more

A High Quality Paint Finish Gives a Very Good First Impression

A product's finish gives its first impression. If the quality is poor, then the assumption might be that the build is of a low standard too, even when it's not. And if you work in a high-end industry - such as custom vehicles and yachts - aesthetics are everything. You might get away with a few imperfections if you work in metal fabrications but even then, what you see in a finish is an indication of what you're getting as a product.

 high quality paint finish on a boat

Why a High Quality Coating Is More Than Just Looks.

A high-quality coating protects the product underneath, giving it a longer lifespan. If the finish doesn't meet the required specification, you compromise the product. For example, if paint scratches off a car too easily, the exposed panel will rust.

There are also situations in which the quality of the finish actually affects the product's performance. A steel structure with a flawed layer of intumescent paint will fail in the event of a fire, putting lives at risk. In the aerospace industry, coatings must meet specifications to ensure weather resistance and the aircraft's safety in the sky.

 high quality paint finish on steel


How a High Quality Paint Finish Protects Your Brand

And let's not forget colour precision. Branded products need to be an exact colour match for brand consistency. Stealth technology and military vehicles, ships and missiles all need to conform to set colours that are less visible to enemy detection methods.

Whichever way you look at it, paint finishing is as important as any other part of the manufacturing process. Getting it wrong can give your brand a poor reputation. And let's face it, no spray shop wants to waste time and money on re-sanding and respraying a substandard job.

If you need support to get your surface finishes up to scratch, give our Total Paint Shop Support Team a call. We can advise you on products and processes and supply you with coatings that will match any colour.

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