What Respirator Mask should I choose? FFP3 Dust Mask or Full Face Respirator Mask?

Why Do I Need A Mask?

Don't forget to Sign Up for New Updates as we release them. Sign Up A respirator mask is still crucial even with ever improving standards in the paint industry. Regulations are reducing VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and dangerous paint mix substances such as lead, however a mask protects you from more than just particles - read on for why. Paint and dust particles still present a tremendous risk to our respiratory breathing systems. Respiratory problems are very often long term exposure problems so it is very important to wear not only a dust mask,, but more importantly, the correct mask such as a FFP3 mask for the situation you are working within. The secondary risk or airbourne spread human virus such as Corona Virus also shows how dangerous particles can be to the respiratory system. Get more info on this topic here? Corona Virus Mask Update World Health Organisation Updates The regulations that apply to Respirator Mask or Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) are complicated.  Here at Ultrimax, our 'Total Paint Shop Support - TPS4' is about making your life easier.  The following guide simplifies the pros & cons, the rules & regs and the other technical aspects of RPE from FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 to Full Respirator Mask requirements. For all your RPE requirements, please take a look at our web shop.

Respirator Mask Types

Don't forget to Sign Up for New Updates as we release them. Sign Up The guide below shows the different mask types by category and their protection level to particles, dust, vapour and gases.

Particle Filter Classes - Do I need FFP1, FFP2 or a FFP3 Mask?

Respirator Mask Gas & Vapour Filter Types

The Correct filter in the correct mask can improve your health.

Take a look at a few Respirator mask examples explained above as products

Full Face 3M Respirator

FFP1-FFP3 Mask

3M Half Face Mask Full Face Honeywell Mask
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Still unsure about which Mask type to choose?

At Ultrimax we have a long history of paint shop knowledge (since 1973!) If you need further advice we are happy to guide you. We'll advise which respirator mask and spray system you will need. What further PPE equipment will protect you (overalls and gloves) and which system will be best for your project (gravity systems, electro-static and what mask FFP3 mask or full face airless mask would fit that job better).

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