What is the Best Spray Gun? DeVilbiss Versus Anest Iwata

Author - Andy PottsApril 27th 2020 (reading time 3mins)What is the Best Spray Gun? DeVilbiss Versus Anest Iwata.

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What is the Best Spray Gun? DeVilbiss Versus Anest Iwata

DeVilbiss has a formidable reputation within the finishing industry. It's known for its high-performance spray guns that are reliable and affordable. Rival brands have a tough time competing with this giant's reputation. But as with any heralded brand, there are always other manufacturers that deserve attention. Anest Iwata is one of them. In fact, if you were to ask us, "What is the best spray gun on the market?", we might even say the Iwata W400 Classic Plus.

Let's compare the two.

The DeVilbiss Pri Pro Lite

This mid-sized, gravity-fed gun is suitable for all paint applications, high-build primers, surfacers and fillers. It boasts many features, including:

  • Excellent atomisation and material distribution for even coverage
  • New improved air valves for smoother trigger control
  • Wide spray pattern for fast, even application
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for precision and comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Complies with EPA regulations
  • Plated brass air cap for durability
  • 5 fluid tops to suit all priming applications
  • High-grade alloy and stainless-steel construction for high-impact resistance and a smooth operating experience

How does the Anest Iwata W400 Classic Plus stack up against the DeVilbiss Pri Spray Gun?


".produces better atomisation, is lighter, cheaper and comes with better backup and training against the DeVilbiss models."

Here's a gun that competes with all the features and benefits of the DeVilbiss spray gun, and some. In terms of performance, they are certainly comparable models, but the 400 Classic Plus excels in air consumption, build and spray capabilities.

Lower air consumption

The W400 comes in at 10.0 cmf, compared to the Pri Pro Lite's at 10.6 cfm, making it one of the most economical products on the spray gun market.

More reliable build

The Iwata spray gun chassis has fewer moving parts than the Pri Pro Lite, so less can go wrong. There are no seals and baffles, and the gun doesn't flutter, giving the user greater control for a finer finish. The W400 doesn't contain any polypropylene parts either, so it has fewer components that can wear compared to other guns on the market.

Spray capabilities

The lack of polypropylene components presents less pressure on the gun, giving a superior fan pattern for speed and ease of use, and a higher quality of finish.

Recommended by professional sprayers

Omega PLC is a leader in high quality and innovative kitchen design and manufacturer and an Ultrimax client. They have converted from the DeVilbiss to Iwata, and report that the W400 produces better atomisation, is lighter, cheaper and comes with better backup and training against the DeVilbiss models.

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Buy the W400 Classic Plus Online

We're proud stockists of the Iwata W400 Classic Plus. Click on the link below to buy it online.

 gravity spray gun   gravity spray gun DV1
Iwata W400 Gravity Spray Gun Devilbiss DV1 Spray Gun


Not sure if this is the right spray gun for your paint shop?

Our article, How to Choose the Right Spray Gun, may answer your questions. Alternatively, our Total Paint Shop Support Team are always happy to give you help and advice. Call them on 01302 856666 or email sales@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk.


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