The Benefits Of Total Paint Shop Support

Working with Ultrimax Coatings means you're always a step ahead. Our total paint shop support service lets you keep on top of all of your industrial paint, coatings and consumable supplies in a way that we think is way ahead of the competition. With Ultrimax Coatings you're guaranteed high quality products - whether that's coatings that provide comprehensive protection, high performance paint systems, other everyday paint shop items or easy-to-use and maintain spray equipment. And with total paint shop support you'll always have the supplies you need on hand, along with the expertise to prepare & apply the products correctly. Here's our run down of why you should consider us first for all your industrial paint and consumable supplies:

We're sustainable: We know we work in a high-turnover sector that has some responsibility for emissions and ethical production. We've focused in on this and are proud to have built a name as a paint coating manufacturer that's focused on driving down waste reduction, making savings and efficiencies a priority, and reducing volatile organic compound emissions which may be harmful to health. And we've looked at all of these in the bigger picture and make appropriate recommendations about saving money while complying with all the rules and regulations. Working with us is a safe choice. We stick to our motto: "More solids, less solvents. More sustainable with every stroke."

We've listened to what our customers want: We know the demands of the people that use our products. We've spent time in busy paint shops over the years and listened to the problems and suggestions that our busy painters and production supervisors have shared with us. We heard that not all companies have the supply capability to meet all of their customers' demands - that's where we're different. We've increased our capacity to get great products out onto the shelves - so that production never has to be stopped.

We excel in stock management: As part of our customer-friendly approach we've spent some time looking at paint shop consumables and how they are needed, and when. A big part of our innovation here is to offer 'stock management' systems which give our customers the scope to hold large stock at their site. This means that production teams are never left short and important work never needs to be delayed by glitches, or shortfalls, in product ordering. We make it simple.

We're experts in spray equipment: We work hard to follow the trends that our customers need us to cater for. As such we've invested time and energy into understanding and supplying great-quality spray equipment. We can offer you and your company advice and training on what the equipment does and how it works, as well as keeping painters 'up to speed' with the most up-to-date and sophisticated techniques for using them.

We offer site visits & training courses: The Ultrimax qualified paint technicians offer valuable training, covering all aspects from preparation to application, ensuring you get the best finish for the job.  Are you ready to be ahead of the crowd? Our team of paint shop experts have all the skills, experience and knowledge you need to advance and excel within your local market.  Site visits, including trials and demonstrations are all part of what we offer.

Our wood finishing is high class: Building, renovation and construction projects are offering new challenges for our customers and we want to help. We've developed advanced ranges, such as our products for finishing wood, that allow you the flexibility of spray paints for timber that can be used either inside or outside. The products we keep in stock, such as Sayerlack, will let you bring a touch of class to your project with high-quality Italian wood finishing.  

We act fast and offer same-day despatch: Aside from quality, experience, knowledge and value we know that our customers appreciate a stockist that can react to their needs quickly and efficiently. We offer same day despatch and a choice of delivery options with all of our products - getting what you need, where you need it as quickly as possible. When you order with Ultrimax Coatings' total paint shop support you are getting all of these benefits and more. You'll always have sustainable, quality products you need, and your supply should never run dry. And we can make you that deal because we've been national manufacturers of the highest-quality paint and coatings for over 40 years now. We've always been a family-run business and for us, reputation is everything. Talk to us today on 01302 856666, about getting the support you need for brilliant paint and coating jobs.

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