Painting Pontoons Made Easy For Marine

Painting Pontoons Made Easy For Marine. Author - Andy Potts August 25th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)


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When Ultrimax Customer Belmont Shotblasting needed a solution to a marine based issue, we were on hand to provide a less slippery solution.

Belmont were working with P&D Environmental Ltd who provide large scale marine applications such as pontoons and dredging equipment. The current pontoon range although looking great would become extremely slippery for wheeled and foot traffic when either wet from a downpour or from prevailing moisture in the marine environment it works within.

Ultrimax Added Some Grit to the Problem

To solve the slippery pontoon tops, Ultrimax suggested a proven method of a 3 stage paint system.

Stage 1 - Blast and Primer the pontoon in Jotamastic 90 which is a marine grade primer. This product was chosen because it provides long lasting protection in environments with high corosivity and can be used as a primer, mid coat, finish coat or as single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments.


marine pontoon in primer


Primed Pontoon - Note the speckled top surface is actually the addition of Anti-Skid Aggregate.


Stage 2 - Addition of Anti-Skid Aggregate

Technically you could call this stage 1.5 as the anti-skid aggregate is always advised to be added in at the primer stage. Adding at this stage provides a chance to evenly distribute the aggregate by sprinkling into the drying primer layer of Jotamastic 90.

The Anti-Skid aggregate as the name suggests provides a non-slip surface and provides extra grip for wheeled and foot traffic in damp / wet environments such as marine applications.


Stage 3 - Ultrithane 31 Topcoat

A final layer of Ultrithane 31 2K topcoat provides a significant durable layer to the pontoon as well as a pleasing colour finish in green. A primer and topcoat itself and environmentally-friendly isocyanate free, Ultrithane 31 a safe and reliable product. Ultrithane 31 being a polyurethane 2K is highly weather and moisture resistant but when coupled with a secondary primer in Jotamastic 90 can withstand the harshest of marine conditions.


Marine Pontoon in Ultrithane 31 with Anti-Skid Aggregate layer visible

marine paint on a pontoon

marine paint on a pontoon 2

Pontoons painted in 2K ready for shipping


The Full 3 Stage Paint System

The full recommended paint system can be seen here for marine applications as a visual.

Jotmastic 90 as a primer followed by Ultrithane 31 top coat and at application stage of topcoat and primer add in sprinkled flakes of the Anti-Skid Aggregate.

pontoon paint system recommendation


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