Is a Pneumatic or Electric Mirka Sander Best?

Watch the video or read the blog to find out whether the pneumatic or electric Mirka sander is best for you.

Why Purchase an Electric Mirka Sander?

These are a great option if you need a portable tool that will perform well on-site as and in the workshop. The sander itself has a higher up-front cost than an air sander, but you don't need to invest in a stationary compressor, which could cost you a thousand pounds or more. You'll also make considerable energy savings when compared to running a pneumatic tool too. Smaller outfits that don't use a sander all the time will find an electric sander the most cost efficient form of sander

Mirka models are powerful and use a unique brushless electric motor, which can maintain a constant speed under load. They're virtually silent too.

1 pack vs 2 pack paint

Mirka DEOS 383CV Electric Sander - 70x198mm - 240V



1 pack vs 2 pack paint

DEROS 680CV 8.0mm Electric Sander - 150mm


1 pack vs 2 pack paint

Mirka DEROS 5650CV Kit 230V (with hose & case)



1 pack vs 2 pack paint

DEROS 625CV 2.5mm Electric Sander - 150mm


1 pack vs 2 pack paint

DEROS 650CV 5.0mm Electric Sander - 150mm




Why Purchase a Pneumatic Sander

For paint shops that sand in the workshop every day and have access to a powerful compressor, pneumatic is probably the way to go.

Air sanders don't house a motor, so they're much lighter, cheaper and quieter. And because there are fewer parts to go wrong, they tend to have a longer lifespan too.

Mirka pneumatic sanders come with a few extra brownie points. They're built for maximum dust extraction, even at low suction power, and have a low noise level compared to other brands on the market.


1 pack vs 2 pack paint

Mirka DEROS 5650CV Kit 230V (with hose & case)


A powerful air compressor is extremely important. It takes a lot of air to drive a sander, and it will consume just over 480 l/min. If your compressor doesn't supply a constant flow of air, your sander won't work at optimal speed and will lose its orbit pattern, which compromises performance.

1 pack vs 2 pack paint

PROS 650CV 5mm Pneumatic Orbital Sander - 150mm


1 pack vs 2 pack paint

ROS 625CV 2.5mm Air Palm Sander - 150mm

ROS 625DB 2.5mm Air Palm Sander - c/w Dust Bag 150mm


Mirka is big on functional design, so whichever type of sander you go for, it will be lightweight, compact, efficient, and have great ergonomics. All models are comfortable to grip and easy to use, with a low-profile design for increased maneuverability and precision.

If you still aren't quite sure which product to go for contact us now.

ROS 650CV 5mm Air Palm Sander - 150mm - 150mm

ROS 650DB 5mm Air Palm Sander - c/w Dust Bag 150mm - 150mm

Mirka ROS2-610CV 10mm Two Handed Air Sander - 150mm

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