How To Choose The Correct Industrial Floor Paint

Choosing which industrial floor coating to use is an extremely important decision. Here is a simple guide to assist you with your choice, and make sure your floor coating is best suited to you.

What are the best choices of Industrial Floor paint?

There are many types of Industrial floor coatings available, but Polyurethane and Epoxy resins are the two most popular that can withstand heavy traffic.

Why choose Polyurethane Floor Paint?

Polyurethane is considered as a high quality floor paint that dries with a thinner covering. It is a very flexible, and is more resistant to scrapes and scuffs than Epoxy. Polyurethane is available in a variety of finishes including gloss and satin and is more resistant to chemical spills. If your business handles chemicals then Polyurethane would be an excellent option for you.

Why choose Epoxy Floor Paint?

Epoxy resin floor coatings have excellent adhesion properties and protect against abrasion caused by foot or vehicular traffic and contaminate spills. Epoxies come in three different types. These are water based, 100 % solids, solvent free and solvent based. All these three types provide a different degree of thickness when they are applied in a single coat. The degrees of thickness helps them to bond easier and make the application easier. Epoxy coatings also have durable, anti-skid and economical qualities which provide a high level of impact resistance.

Should I use Polyurethane or Epoxy Floor Paints?

That decision comes down to factors like the type of floor that you currently have in place such as asphalt, wood or concrete, the installation guidelines, the lifecycle and the amount of traffic it will receive. Knowing the amount of traffic your floor receives is crucial because different floor coatings can withstand different amounts of traffic. Also the type of finish that you would like to see will make a difference to your decision on which floor coating. It is also important to consider what abrasion and wear could take place, or what liquids and chemicals could get spilt onto the floor. Check our quick guide to applying floor paint correctly:



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