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The Best Paint Colour Matching System for Paint Shop Touch-Ups

If you're a paint shop foreman, manager or production manager, discovering damage on a client's finished product is probably one of your biggest headaches. It costs your business time and money, and it can ruin your brand's reputation. But accidental marks and scratches from improper handling or storage are a day-to-day risk in the workshop environment. So, it's important to have a paint colour matching system that allows you to touch-up on-site. Whether you manufacture plant and machinery, kitchens, or work in steel fabrications, this article explains how to fix finishes quickly and flawlessly every time.

Why it's important to touch-up

Aside from wanting to hand over a professionally-finished product to your customer, deep scratches, abrasion marks and chips can compromise the integrity of the paint and the panel or coating that it is protecting. Following the proper touch-up procedure will, therefore, ensure the longevity of the product in addition to providing a consistent finish. Touch-up systems are only suitable for small areas of damage, however. For large areas or deep gouges, the best option may be to replace the panel.

kubota orange colour matching

Paint matching process with Aerosols

1. Change your paint ordering system

When touching-up, you can only achieve a true colour match by using the same batch of paint as the original finish. This means that you need to factor repairs into your paint ordering system from the outset.

When you purchase paint for any job, also order back-up aerosol spray paint of the same product, in the same colour. If you make this small change to routine orders, you will always be prepared, should you need to fix any damage.

2. Prepare the surface

In the event of finding damage to a product, the first job is to prepare the surface for painting. Make sure the area is clean, dry and free of any contaminants. Follow the product manufacturer's cleaning instructions. If the surface is glossy, create a key with medium- to fine-grip sandpaper to ensure proper adhesion.

preparing the metal surface for painting


3. Use the right application method

Brushes will always leave brush strokes, so use an aerosol spray to achieve a professional finish. Not all aerosol cans produce the same quality finish, however. Look for cans with spray-gun-like nozzles that will deliver the highest standard of application.

4. Add a lacquer topcoat

Protect the surface of your repair and create a professional finish with a clear lacquer topcoat.

Ultrimax paint colour matching service makes touch-ups easy

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