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Cladding is often used on exteriors as finishing material to protect the structure, and by applying metal cladding paint you can increase the lifetime of the cladding and the structure. Cladding simply means a material that protects another.

Reasons to Paint Metal Cladding:

  • Extend the lifetime of the cladding by up to 10 years - it is often subject to deterioration due to the impact of weather conditions over time.
  • Protects against atmospheric, chemical, and mechanical deterioration.
  • Cost-effective compared to renewing and repairing
  • Achieve your bespoke colour with Rust-Oleum Mathys Metal Cladding Topcoat.
  • Minimal disturbance of the business processes

1) Prep and Prime

When you're getting ready to paint your cladding you should treat and protect it the same way you would anything else. Rust-Oleum Metal Cladding Primer is specially made so that you can apply it on to weathered metal cladding and protect the metal from any further oxidisation.  It's a high-tech primer, giving you the best protection on metal cladding and other surfaces including bare steel, blasted steel, galvanised steel, zinc and aluminium.  It is easy to apply and extremely quick-drying, so you will be ready to spray paint over it in just one hour!

2) Protective Finish

Once the surface is primed and ready for the topcoat, it is important to ensure you select the right paint. If you use the wrong paint on the metal you'll notice it flakes, bubbles or cracks quickly, leaving you with paint peeling away from the metal. To stop this from happening, Rust-Oleum Mathys Metal Cladding Topcoat is highly recommended. A waterborne, semi-gloss acrylic paint specially designed for use as a finish on metal cladding primed with Rust-Oleum Mathys Metal Cladding Primer, or any metal surface coated with Noxyde.  It can be tinted to most BS & RAL Colours.  Once you have added the topcoat, you have a finished system for long-lasting, durable protection. A fantastic product to use on metal cladding is Rust-Oleum Mathys Noxyde.  This heavy-duty, water-based formula provides one-coat coverage and flexible durability on new or minimally prepared steel, metals and concrete.  Its easy spray application means it's much less complicated than the more expensive polyurethane systems.

  • Resists corrosion, rust and water - even in severe marine environments - 10 year warranty
  • 200% elasticity - bridges small cracks, moves with structure, protects edges
  • Performs like zinc/epoxy coatings without the need to abrasive-blast clean
  • Single-component, self-priming, high-build; minimal surface prep required


Need Some More Help With Rustoleum Paint?

Why not get some help from our business specialists at Ultrimax, who can advise on the best Cladding Paint?

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