Case Study - Weighbridge Manufacturer - Ultrimax 1

One of the world's leading suppliers of weighing solutions.  With over 250 years of experience, the company designs, manufactures, markets and services a broad range of high quality industrial products and weighing systems. Challenge: Ultrimax were called in when Avery were having drying problems with their current paint.  With a water based primer and topcoat system, they were finding that the product was not drying quick enough, particularly in winter months.  Furthermore, they were not achieving their desired paint finish due to water spotting and peeling problems. Learn more about Paint Problems at the Ultrimax Youtube Training Academy Solution: Ultrimax did a detailed study of their current paint facility and put forward a proposal to change to a solvent one-coat paint system: Ultrimax 1, primer and glossy topcoat in one product.  This would increase the throughput of weighbridges and reduce labour and paint costs by applying 1 coat instead of 2.  The solvent based material would ensure quicker drying and curing times. Ultrimax also put together a product flow system which enabled the bridges to remain inside for 5 days after painting to enable the paint to cure before putting outside in the elements.  This involved clearing an area in the factory for the bridges to rest after painting, and a time frame to work to for production scheduling. Training was then given to the painters on how to apply the Ultrimax 1 product, and clear film thickness levels were documented.  A reduction in paint usage was therefore achieved, by reducing the amount of paint on the product to recommended levels. The expertise and training we have shared and provided for the team at Avery, has led to significant improvements to their finish. This solution greatly improved performance, but the local authorities were still asking them to reduce VOC outputs.  Ultrimax were then able to offer Ultrimax 1 Compliant which is a 25% reduction in VOC content.  Further tests were carried out including a half day of spraying a bridge, as well as measuring film thickness levels. From working closely with them, we have managed to provide a solution that not only reduces labour costs but also means they are now compliant. Result: The result is that they now have a compliant paint system that is easy to apply, meets up to date legislation and no longer has water spotting issues. What they said:
"We really appreciate Ultrimax spending the time with us and helping us improve.  They go the extra mile to work with the painters to achieve the best results.  A very hands on approach and have really made a difference to the finish on our weigh bridges."
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