Case Study - Street Crane - Increase Production 18% in Time, Money and Waste Study

Street Crane Gear Up For Success With Electrostatic spraying

Street Crane the global manufacturer of overhead cranes & crane components. They distribute their products through a global network of over 100 distributors. Working with many of the UK's leading brands including Siemens, JCB, Hitachi Rail, Rolls Royce - excellence in product development and quality of service keeps Street Crane at the forefront of their industry - a reputation to be proud of.

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Saving Street Crane Time, Money and Bottlenecks

The entire manufacturing process at the company revolved around the paint shop, simply because this was the bottleneck in production. They can't afford to run out of paint, and with a once a week delivery they had to bulk buy; therefore, storage space was used up and money was tied in stock.

Streamlining the Paint Shop Process

The paint shop at only comes to life at night; during the day, the space is used for fitting cranes out & sorting the finishing touches before loading them for delivery. Following a busy nightshift, the fitters would turn up for work to find everything coated in a yellow film (Street Crane - corporate colour) and a sticky floor, this could take up a few minutes of their valuable time to clean their workspace before commencing the day job.

Reducing Waste with Electrostatic Spraying

Overspray was clearly a major problem for Street Crane! Having operated in the same way for over 10 years, they recognised there were better, more 'cost effective' methods to do what they were doing and achieve a more superior finish. To enable them to continue striding ahead, it was crucial to look at ways to improve their paint shop facility. Tony McLure, the proactive Manufacturing Director at Street Crane, invited Ultrimax Coatings to a meeting.

The Electrostatic Solution

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Ultrimax, have had repeated success in recommending 'electrostatic' application with their premium Ultrimax 1 Compliant coating. This process ensures that nearly 95% of the coating that leaves the end of the spray gun adheres to the intended surface, leaving very little to become overspray.

Reduction in paint = Reduction in VOC's

A trial was carried out which highlighted the benefits; a 'lack' of wasted paint soon became clear, which resulted in a clean floor, healthier environment and happy painters. By using less paint in projects the VOC levels of the company as a whole reduced, meaning government and local council targets became easier to maintain.

Plus, the financial benefit became obvious as when the floor was cleaned, they were in essence sweeping up œ notes (of wasted paint). It was a 'no-brainer' for Street Crane to commit to going down the electrostatic route, it's in line with their vision - "continually striving to set ourselves higher & higher performance targets".

The Ultrimax Result for Street Crane - 18% Increase

With the process now installed and operating, Street Crane have seen an 18% increase in production throughput, ultimately reducing their customer lead times.  Two painters working in sync and now operating in a sustainable environment, the coating itself is compliant, hi-solids and quick drying, meaning more cranes painted in a shift, fitted & delivered the following day.  As they work at night, the whole process for the painters at Street Crane work has become a dream!

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When did you last review your paint shop processes? Is your spray area compliant to the latest health & safety standards?  Do you have a sound plan for achieving your production targets? Contact Ultrimax and arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements further.

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