Case Study - Cementation Skanska

Cementation Skanska are an internationally recognised piling and ground engineering subcontractor. They are one of the UK's leading construction contractors.


Cementation Skanska won a new contract, which involved painting truck chassis parts and required a high gloss finish. Using the same air assisted spray pump he normally uses to paint plant and machinery with, the painter found he was having great difficulty getting a quality finish. Air bubbles kept forming in the topcoat and the painter was becoming increasingly distressed with the unsatisfactory quality of the finish.


The supervisor phoned one of our sales support technicians, Giles for ideas on how to improve and a site visit was promptly arranged. When on site Giles was able to diagnose the issue, which was that the high gloss paint was not suited to the high pressure pump Cementation Skanska were using.  He spent time adjusting and optimising the spray pump settings to temporarily improve the finish before a proper solution could be implemented.  Although this drastically improved the finish, it was still not entirely satisfactory, so they were advised to try using the suction spray gun they also had on site.  This further increased the level of the finish so the customer could continue the manufacturing process while a permanent fix was implemented. To consistently achieve the high level of finish that was required, the suggestion was made to purchase a high quality, low pressure spray gun and pressure pot which would enable them to achieve a 'car quality' finish. The customer purchased the equipment the same day, and once installed was able to consistently achieve a perfect finish.


The customer was extremely satisfied with the quality of the finish and the level of service provided by Ultrimax. They really appreciated the attention to detail, and speed of response shown in resolving their problem.

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