Case Study Ardagh Glass Dry Filter Spray Booth

By Andy Potts - 23/02/23

 ardagh glass dry filter


Ardagh Glass Install Dry Filter Spray Booth with IsoClad

When Ardagh Glass, Doncaster production manager Craig Jones needed a lower decimal dry filter spray booth solution at their manufacturing plant he wasn't initially sure where to turn. What he did have is a decade of customer experience with Ultrimax Coatings buying consumables and industrial paint and asked for advice. Craig was shocked when he received the reply, ' We are also spray booth specialists!'.

Ardagh had a need to spray tooling components but with a few notable differences to a standard spray booth.


Silent Spray Booths?

Ardagh had a few specific requirments that needed to be met when designing their new booth;

  1. It needed to be located in the centre of a busy and noisy facility and therefore would need an open fronted system for accessibility
  2. It would need a semi-enclosure to keep the spraying enclosed within the booth and not escaping into the busy factory outside
  3. The spray booth would need to be insulated to help retain sound inside the booth and not release excess decibel levels into the atmosphere  

This provided some certain technical challenges as can be seen from the final shots of the completed spray booth but Ultrimax managed to develop a bespoke solution that ensured Ardagh Glass remained a very happy customer.


The Spray Booth Technical Solution

So how did Ultrimax actually overcome the technical challenges for this job?

  1. The central location - the spray booth needed to be located in the middle of a busy factory. To ensure the booth is highly visible, white IsoClad was used to cover the externals making it visible to workers moving around the factory. The booth also needs ventilation of paint particles which Ultrimax created a unique vertical stack to exit fumes safely, efficiently and with a powerful enough 3ph fan module.
  2. The booth needed to be quiet so as not to increase the decible rating of an already noisy factory. By cladding in IsoClad white panels these insulated panels deadended noise from within the booth creating very little impact on the external envionrment.
  3. Keeping it open fronted - The booth needed to retain an open front to easily access and retract painted components. By creating a mid tier semi open 2m wide, 2 tier extraction chamber the booth could remain open while not extracting to the internal factory.


The Result!

 isoclad dry filter booth   ardagh glass dry filter

                         Front view of the clean white design of the isoclad Dry Filter Spray Booth


 spray booth filter 3ph fan

The 3ph fan extracting paint fumes and particles to atmosphere rather than the back into the factory area

 isoclad dry filter booth   ardagh glass dry filter

     2m wide and 2 tier extraction chamber with an open front for easy confined spraying with built in silencer  Dry Filter Spray Booth Types


 multi view look at the spray booth  with filters

Front and side views of the new Ardagh Glass Spray Booth in-situ. Non hazardous Iso Clad coating.


Download the Ardagh Glass Case Study

 isoclad dry filter booth

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