AJ Brown & Sons Use Sayerlack Au474 to give storage that premium finish

by Andy Potts - 27/02/23

We love promoting our customers work and for this case study segment we have a completed project by AJ Brown & Sons check them out here https://ajbrownandsons.co.uk/.

AJ & Brown have been purchasing Sayerlack's Au474 primer from Ultrimax due to its reliable coverage and easy sand finish. It makes joinery finishing much easier especially where an ultra clean panel finish is required.

AJ Brown used Au474 across all aspects of this clever seamless under stairs storage system with coat and shoe systems. Runners provider by well known brand Grasshopper to finish what is a quality install by the Aj Brown team.

 sayerlack au474 case study

Sayerlack AU474 showing how easy sanding products can produce a seamless finish.

 sayerlack au474 case study

 sayerlack au474 case study

Grasshopper running gear used throughout.


Sayerlack Au474 2K Primer

 sayerlack au474 case study

View the product Sayerlack AU474

Sayerlack AU474 is an easy sand primer with all the features of AU454013 but which can also be used as a 2 component primer to give even better elasticity and fibre blocking on MDF.


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