Artel Decor Uses Acid Catalysed Wood Paint To Bring New Life To Interior

(acid catalysed wood paint makes huge interior difference ) - Author - Andy Potts May 11th 2021 (reading time 1 mins)


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Artel Decor Gives New Lease of Life With Wood Paint

Artel Decor a regular customer of Ultrimax Coatings ltd is a joinery specialist and has been carving a niche recently adding value to homes. Artel has made this transformation by giving a new lease of life to internal furniture without the expense or need for fully built new cupboards.

Spraying internal furniture gives the best possible finish compared to brush or roller and can be sanded back and refinished if required to give the best finish level for the customer. Gloss and colour can be controlled far more easily with spray equipment too.


Acid Catalysed For Impressive Results

Acid Catalysed wood coatings have been around since wood paint became professional. It's easy to use even for the beginner, sets extremely hard and is often used by professionals finishing joinery in kitchens and bar fitting. All round an excellent and stable product but it's worth noting it does give off formaldehyde as a reaction to the acid catalyst, so always use the correct twin filter respiratory masks ( you can also buy specific formaldehyde mask filters) as well as ensuring adequate ventilation where you are spraying.

At Ultrimax Coatings we make and mix up our own popular brand of acid catalysed coatings called Colormax AC - orders placed on our website before 2pm can be delivered to you next day even when you need mixed colours in RAL, BS or Retail colours.


wood paint

Colormax Acid Catalysed Wood Coatings

acid catalyst accelerator

Acid Catalyst Rocket Accelerator


Showing The Wood Painting Process

In this example Artel Decor have shown the work that is involved when spraying interior furniture. Although spraying is far quicker and provides a much finer finish, there is still significant prep work to complete before spraying can commence and it's worth providing previous examples of the process to customers to validate your charges and quotes.

Here Artel take us from a bare cupboard to prep and finished product in a number of steps, Artel used the following on this project:

Product used - Colormax Acid Catalysed - (Mixed Colours)

Colours: Farrow & Ball Moles Breath / Farrow & Ball School House White / RAL9016 / Black / Dulux 00NN/31/000 & LG Loft White No 222

Project 1 - Interior Built-in Wardrobe

acid catalysed wood paint

Preparation Work Masking And Sheeting Complete


acid catalysed wood paint

First Coat Of Acid Catalysed - After Mask


acid catalysed wood paint

Internal Carcass Complete


acid catalysed wood paint

Carcass Paint Stage Complete


acid catalysed wood paint

Handles on Project Complete

Project 2 - Acid Catalysed Wardrobe in School House White

acid catalysed wood paint

Pre-Works Old Styling



acid catalysed wood paint

Stripped and prepped


acid catalysed wood paint

Masked Ready For Paint


acid catalysed wood paint

Completed Works with New Handles


Project 3 - Work Station

acid catalysed wood paint

Workstation Fitted And Ready To Paint


acid catalysed wood paint

Workstation Ready To Use


Learn More About The Different Types Of Wood Coatings



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