A Paint Booth IR Heater is for Problem-Free Curing, Not Warm Toes!

Benefits of a paint booth heater / IR heaters. Author - Andy Potts June 16th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)

IR heater paint booth


OK, we admit that drinking a cuppa by the IR heater on a cold winter's day is a good way to spend your lunch break. But infra-red lamps are so much more than portable body warmers. They're the key to fast production and high-quality finishes in poor drying conditions. That makes them a pretty essential spray shop commodity in the autumn and winter months.

Here are 3 reasons to get your paint booth heaters out of the staff room and into the spray booth.

  1. They reduce drying time from hours to minutes

Curing paint in cold conditions can take more than twice as long, drastically reducing your output. But if you cure with the aid of a IR paint booth heater, you can dry body fillers, paints, primers and lacquers in under 10 minutes.

  1. They create the correct temperature for curing

As well as slowing down the drying process, low temperatures ruin your spray job too. To avoid running into problems, you want to maintain a consistent temperature of ideally 15-20 øC to produce the best possible finish. The only exception to this rule is if you're using winter-grade hardeners, which can be used below 5 øC.

IR lamps produce an even and consistent heat within seconds of being turned on, so your spray booth can quickly reach the optimal drying temperature on cold, damp days.

  1. They're cost-effective

Compared to ovens, a IR paint booth heater is efficient and cost-effective if you're on a tighter budget. They require low capital expenditure, are cheap and easy to install and maintain, and have low running costs. And because infrared heat is almost instantaneous, and it speeds the curing process up considerably, you make cost savings on production time too.

Choosing the right IR heater for your spray booth

There are many types of IR paint booth heater on the market. Here are a few low-cost options to suit different spray shop scenarios.

Small area repairs

infra red heater

Portable IR paint booth heaters, like the Infrared Quartz Tripod Heater, are ideal for small area repairs. Choose a model with a wide base for stability. Go for a larger lamp, such as the Iwata 1KW Hand-Held Infrared Drying Unit, for curing car hoods, roof lines and other tall items.



infrared heater panel dryer


Ultrimax Infrared Panel Dryer


Larger panels

If you need a flexible, portable system for drying larger panels, the Ultrimax Infrared Panel Dryer fits the bill. It has three individually switched cassettes that can be adjusted and locked into position to ensure maximum coverage around the contours of the vehicle.


Paint drying rooms

For a more permanent solution in your paint drying room, the Infrared Quartz Wall Mounted Heater is an option worth considering.

We can also design and build a paint drying room to meet your requirements. Booth Types.



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