6 Reasons Why Shaun the Sheep Is the Best Paint Roller in Town

6 Reasons Why Shaun the Sheep Produces the Best Lambswool Paint Roller in Town


best lambswool painter roller

OK, so Shaun himself probably isn't going to be much use on your next paint job, but his warm-blooded woolly cousins can help you out. Yes, we're talking about lambswool paint roller sleeves, also known as lambskin rollers. They don't sound as exciting as our favourite plasticine sheep, but they're far more useful.

A lambswool roller is the best paint roller to use with solvent-based finishes, emulsions or when coating a semi-smooth or rough surface.

Why? Here are six good reasons.

1. Solvent-resistant

Cheap foam rollers aren't suitable for use with solvents. They will dissolve or fall apart, leaving debris behind in your finish. Lambskin, however, is the most solvent-resistant roller sleeve material on the market, making it a favourite choice for many marine and industrial applications.

Lambskin will maintain its integrity with:

  • Urethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Fibreglass resins
  • Resins, gelcoats and topcoats with high styrene content

2. Versatile

The lambskin roller doesn't only excel with solvent-based applications. Its exceptional level of absorbency allows it to hold high solid coatings, emulsions and other low VOC finishes.


3. High capacity for a superior finish

Lambswool is said to have the best pick-up and release for even coverage compared to other materials. The natural knit of the fibres (no pun intended) mean that the pile is long enough to hold a high volume of paint and dense enough to prevent dripping and spattering.

4. Fast application

With exceptional levels of absorbancy, you don't need to dip a lambskin roller as often as other types of roller, speeding up the painting process. Some manufacturers claim that their lambswool rollers reduce application time by up to 30%.

5. A long pile for rough surfaces

Foam rollers can't compete with lambskin when it comes to producing a top-quality finish on semi-smooth and rough surfaces. The thick, flexible pile allows you to reach into the crevices and uneven surfaces of a textured ceiling, for example, or a stone wall. You can also use a lambskin roller for creating textured finishes.

6. Durable

Lambswool sleeves are more durable than synthetic equivalents. They have a tight weave that sits firmly against the plastic core and maintains its integrity. Foam outers are more likely to fall apart and are often single-use products for this reason.

Lambskin is also easy to clean and keeps its original shape, giving it a longer re-use lifespan than other materials. Merino wool, which is softer and more flexible than standard lambswool, is particularly hardwearing.

The best paint roller for a high return on investment

A lambskin roller may be more expensive than synthetic options, but it's a better investment than any of its rivals. Its unique properties give rise to capabilities that will save you time and produce a superior finish. And if you're still not swayed, lambswool is a sustainable material - choose it for the environment.


Try the Ultrimax 4" Lambswool Roller Sleeve

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As with any paint roller project you may also need to touch up smaller areas a lambswool paint roller can't reach! If you need to buy brushes take a look at our related blog here on Choosing the correct Paint brush.


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