3 of the Best Tack Cloth (and Why You Should Use One)

What Is A Tack Cloth?


tack cloths for joinery

Every professional sprayer, decorator or DIY enthusiast should have a tack cloth in arms reach. Why? You can use the highest spec coating on the market, but if you don't keep your surface clean and dust-free between coats, your end finish will have flaws. This quick guide explains why a tak cloth is the best tool for the job and how to choose the right cloth.


Why Use Tack Cloths?

Your work surface is exposed to dust and other particles at every stage of the painting process. If you don't remove these contaminants, they will become trapped in your paint. So, to achieve a mirror-like professional finish, you need to remove dust after sanding, priming and between each topcoat. There are two ways of doing this - with a tack cloth or with an airline.

tack cloth vs airline for dust


The problem with airline dust removal

Although it may sound like a quick and practical solution, using an airline to blow the dust off your work surface isn't that effective. Here's why:

Some dust will settle on your work

Air blowing will remove a lot of the dust particles, but some of them will hang around in the air and land on your surface again.

It doesn't resolve the problem; it moves it

The dust that you blow away will settle elsewhere in the paint shop, so you will need to clean it up again. If people are working on other jobs nearby, you will also compromise their finish.

It puts your employees at risk

Blowing dust into the air creates a build-up of contaminants in the workshop environment, exposing your workers to respiratory hazards.

Tack cloths work differently to airlines. They pick up and contain particles, so there is no spread of contaminants, no additional clean up and no exposure to dust in the air.


Which TackCloth Should I Use?

There are various tack cloths on the market, each with unique properties and benefits. Here are three of the best.


  1. 3M Tack Cloth(10-pack)

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This cloth doesn't contain solvents, making it perfect for water-based applications as there is no contamination between coats when wiping down. It performs well on wood, metal, plastic and fibreglass and will stay dry and soft, even with repeated use. The 3M Tack Cloth contains a light adhesive for minimal drag marks.

  1. Gramos Tak Rags(50-pack)

tak rags by gramostak rags by gramos

The Gramos Tak Rag is an excellent general-purpose tack cloth that is compatible with all modern paint finishes. Impregnated with a tacky resin, it collects and contains surface contamination in one simple wipe. This bulk slab pack makes it easy to pull a cloth out and get to work.


  1. Ultrimax Tak Cloth (50-pack)

tack rags in ultrimax brand

3x Ultrimax Tack Cloths shown out of wrapper. Each individually wrapped for quick & easy convenience.

These are the baby wipes of the coatings industry. Each Ultrimax Tack Cloth comes in an individually wrapped cellophane unit, making it easy to carry cloths around with you. Boasting all the same benefits as the Gramos Tack Rag, our version offers greater convenience at a lower price.

Tack Cloth Video Guide

Check out our quick video guide on why tack cloths are such a crucial part of the paint process.


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