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Reduce VOC's - Reduce Solvent Use - Reduce Your Tax Bill

Solvent Recycler Key Benefits

  • Up to 95% solvent recovered

  • 25 Ltr / 60ltr capacity Solvent recyckler machines

  • Economic to run

  • Vastly reduces solvent waste disposal costs

  • Reduces solvent purchases

  • In many cases reduces VOC consumption below licensing level

  • Low Maintenance

  • Explosion proof controls

  • Automatic operation

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Regeneration cycle 5-7 hours

  • Flame proof construction

  • Fully certified to EEXd standards

  • Improved environmental activities

  • Reduces health and safety risk

  • Wall mounted transfer pump for filling – optional

  • ATEX Compliant


The Figures - How Much Will A Solvent Recycler Save Me?

Solvent recyclers aren't just about solvent cost savings they provide a full circle of time, waste, VOC and product savings for your company. Here are the hard facts;

  • Reduce solvent waste disposal costs. The recycler converts waste to non-hazardous status and dry solids meaning no specialist removal costs.
  • Reduce VOC's by approx 22kg per 25 litres of average gunwash recycled.
  • Reduce Health and Safety inspections by storing less solvent on site.
  • Up to 98% of solvent can be recovered and reused meaning less requirment for buying new clean solvent.
  • 5-7 hr running cycle converts quickly at an average cost of £3 (electricity, solvent bag, service) per 25 litres or (0.12p a ltr)


The Solvent Recycling Process

Get a view of how a solvent recycler actually works below from setup to the distillation cycle and the end product. Alternatively watch our UNIC video on the 'VIDEO' tab above.

solvent recycling process

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