Industrial Respiratory Protection & Dust Masks

Paint Spray Masks:


Respiratory protection is so important and we take this seriously at Ultrimax ensuring our customers are sold the correct protection for the job they are doing.

When using any of our paints that have isocyanate hardeners, we only recommend the Honeywell Full Airfed Visor or the Honeywell Half Face Airfed Mask where the user has a constant flow of clean air to their face when spraying. The half mask respirator requires the operator to use suitable googles or safety glasses for protection of the eyes.

For paints that do not contain isocyanates we now have a Battery Powered Airfed Mask for paint spraying which has the filters and battery pack on a waist belt and therefore has no trailing hoses.  

Gerson Twin Respirator is a low cost paint spray mask for smaller jobs.  The paper filters can be replaced and once the charcoal filters are used up the mask can be replaced. For face protection the 3M Full Face Mask is an excellent option.  With this mask both the cartridge and the paper filters can be replaced. 

If you would like advise on the correct respiratory protection for your requirements then call our sales helpline on 01302 856666 or email 



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