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Ultritemp - Heat Resistant Paint up to 450°C

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Product Description


Ultritemp - Heat Resistant Paint up to 450°C

Ultritemp - s a based on a silicone polymer to provide heat resistance up to 450°C. The paint film will not degrade below this temperature, however adhesion may be affected by the physical aspect of heating and cooling of the substrate.

The paint will cure the first time the paint is put into use. For example if used on a BBQ external frame, the paint may scratch until the BBQ is turned on and the heat cures the paint into a hard formulation.


High Temperature Paint with Anti-Corrosive Formula

Most high temperature paints are formulated for heat but not as an anti-corrosive. This means they may be described as temperature paint for sheltered or interior environments with a typical example being an industrial boiler within a factory.

Projects that require temperature resistance and anti-corrosive protection such as the restoration of a motorbike casing, will need zinc phosphate in the formula. Ultritemp is one of the only heat resistant paints on the market to also include zinc phosphate, adding an extra layer of anti-corrosion protection most products can't match.


Key Benefits

  • For peak temperatures up to 450°C
  • For use on bare metal or slightly rusted surfaces
  • Ideal for engines, heat cannons, pipes, vents, etc.
  • To handle after 3 hours (at 20°C)


Temperature Paint Colours

  • Available 2 finishes Aluminium or Black high temperature paint.


Recommended use

Ultritemp Heat Resistant Paint 450°C, heat resistant coatings based on a silicone Polymer which provides a tough and durable coating.

Self-priming,Ultritemp Heat Resistant Paint 450°C should not be applied on primers or coatings, which are not heat resistant.

Recommended material use:

Should be used on new, bare steel, blasted steel or light rusted steel surfaces or properly prepared painted substrates alike barbecue grills, fireplace equipment, space heaters etc. Intended for small maintenance jobs or for touch-up, providing heat resistance up to 450°C (= 842°F) dry heat (short term peak resistance) in sheltered or interior environments.

Recommended use tin:

Can be applied on new, bright or shot-blasted steel or well pre-treated coated surfaces such as barbecues, boiler fittings, hot air cannons, exhausts, etc. Intended for small maintenance jobs and repairs, providing protection up to a dry heat of 450°C (short term peak load) for applications indoors or in a sheltered outdoor environment.

Technical Detail



High temperature paint has a coverage rate of 8-10 sq per litre @25 microns dry film thickness


Application - Spray Gun

Conventional : 1.4 - 1.8mm tip @ 3.5 – 4.2 bar
Suction feed HVLP : 1.8mm tip @ 0.7 bar (max)
Pressure pot HVLP : 1.0 - 1.4 mm tip @ 0.7 bar


Drying / Overcoating of Heat Resistant Paint

Touch dry : 30 mins Hard Dry: 3 – 4 hours
Dry to handle : typically 4-6 hours (dependent on conditions and film thickness)
Full cure : Typically 3-5 days (dependent on conditions & film thickness)
Force dry : Flash off for 10-15 minutes then stove between 60-80 ºC for 30 mins
Overcoat with itself within 60 minutes or after 24 hours (dependent on drying conditions and humidity)


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