Industrial Paint

Ultrimax offers a huge variety of paints including primers and topcoats, to help you achieve a professional finish on all manner of industrial paint jobs.

You’ll find paints such as maintenance coatings for underbody protection, as well as marine paints and tank lining coatings. We also sell a number of specialist coatings, designed for direct to metal paint jobs and metal cladding coatings as well as pipelines and railings. You can pick from brands such as Jotun and Ultrimax.

We offer an extensive range of paints for exterior and interior decorative paint jobs too. These range from blackboard paints, contract emulsions, to primers which adhere to damp surfaces, or can be used on masonry.

Most of our paints have handy features such as high UV stability, weather resistance, waterproofing and protection against rust and corrosion. We also sell fire retardant paint, heat resistant coatings and environmentally friendly paints with low VOC emissions. Many of the features are designed to achieve a long-lasting, durable finish.

We also supply a number of floor coatings and high performance primers and hardeners. We have a range of clear lacquers and coatings from Kapci Coatings.

Buy your industrial paint from Ultrimax before 3pm today and we’ll ship your order the same day. As a market leader in the industrial paint and coating industry, with over 40 years of experience, you can count on us to provide premium products with excellent customer service.


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