Case Study - HTC Wolffkran

Case Study - HTC Wolffkran

HTC Wolffkran - showcasing a brilliant finishing job on a tower crane

HTC Wolffkran Used Ultrimax 1 for finishing on Tower Cranes

HTC Wolffkran, a tower crane hire company in the UK, approached us to help them improve the colour retention of their fleet of tower cranes.


The tower cranes are painted in the company's bright colours, so cosmetically they are attractive for transport to site and when they are erected. The cranes are often visible to the public in popular thriving cities and often stationed for several months/years, hence they can soon become an eyesore if the coating on the crane breaks down.  This is what they were experiencing after 6 months of a crane being exposed to the elements, it had almost totally faded or changed colour - transforming the company image, and the view of the locals.  


We introduced our ever improving 'Ultrimax 1' HS Compliant coating, which combines our colour rich tinters and high solids resins. They apply it with Electrostatic spray, which contributes to giving an even film thickness around the crane, and reduces paint usage and overspray, which in turn reduces VOCs.  


HTC now has confidence supplying cranes that still look as attractive after 18 months on site, as they do when they leave the yard freshly painted. In working with them on their colour retention, we also managed to streamline their whole paint process, so they are now operating an extremely lean & 'cost effective' paint shop. 

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