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Ultrimax Concertina Spray Booth Filters 0.9m x 9m

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Product Description

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Ultrimax Concertina Spray Booth Filters

This 9m long x 0.9m wide concertina spray booth filter has been launched to give our customer base greater access to high quality / cost effective options when looking for concertina paper filters.

In general these filters which can be known as painter's paper or organ filters but are most commonly known as concertina spray booth filter are used in the professional spray painting trade. However we also see this product being used in restaurants as cooking filters where they work equally as well!

The Ultrimax concertina comes in a compact box to save space in the paintshop and can be removed cut to shape and then returned to the box. Concertina spray booth filters tend to be approximately 3-5 times longer than polyester or fibreglass filters ensuring they go further and really stretch your maintenance budget.

In The Box

You'll receive x1 box

9m long x 0.9m wide concertina spray booth filter

Easy to cut and shape

 spray booth filters

Made to Protect your Paint Shop and Your Project

Concertina spray booth filters have a double focus, the construction in kraft paper is adept at catching overspray and spills in the spray booth, by reducing overspray in the atmosphere not only is your spray booth cleaner but your spray job will receive a better finish for your customer.

To ensure that the filter is performing to the highest level, cut the filter then when you install into your spray booth make sure that the peaks of the filter are around 4cm apart to optimise the filtration and create a clean and healthy spray booth. Watch our video on the videos tab for more info on measuring, cutting and using concertina filter.


Quality spray booth filters create quality products

Constructed from quality built heavy ""kraft"" paper concertina spray booth filter roll prevents contaminants, such as heavy dust particles, from entering a spray booth. This is beneficial as it ensures solvent and lacquer-based paint jobs can be completed to a high-standard without contaminants compromising the finish of the paintwork. An effective filtration system will save time and money spent on correcting poor paint jobs caused by a compromised spray booth environment.


Guaranteed worker safety

To ensure a spray booth is operating to its maximum ability, the spray booth environment must be properly sealed. An air system will create the optimum airflow for a booth but this airflow must be properly filtered to protect the quality of items painted in the spray booth and the booth workers. A spray booth concertina filter effectively filters the air to prevent harmful chemicals and particles being breathed in by individuals both inside and outside the booth. This creates a safe work environment for workers and reduces any major health and safety risks.


Technical Detail


Performance Details for the Ultrimax Concertina Spray Booth Filter

Rigid Structure, Extension Limiter, Reference Filter

Load [kg / m2] [lbs / sqft]


10kg / m2
2lbs / sqft

High Solids

12kg / m2
2,4lbs / sqft


13kg / m2
2,5lbs / sqft


Efficiency [%]

93.10 %

High Solids

98.20 %

97.80 %


Recommended Air Velocity :

0.5 to 1 m / s


Pressure drop at / by :

0.5 m/s
20 pa


0.75 m/s
30 pa


1.0 m/s
40 pa


Max. recommended pressure drop :

128 pa ( possible up to 256 )



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