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Gramos Tak Kill Additive PEL Water Wash Spray Booth - D4702

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25 Litre
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Gramos Tak Kill Additive PEL Water Wash Spray Booth - D4702

Gramos TAKkill Additive P.E.L (Polyelectrolyte) is a high-viscosity, milky-white liquid, developed in line with their continued policy of research and improvement, to offer polymer technology which aids separation of solids from water systems such as paint spray booths. The flocculants and coagulating agent allows the solids to separate from the water and be removes in whatever means has been designed such as flotation and skimming systems or settlement tanks. This helps save time and money on disposal of waste. The TAKkill Additive P.E.L is normally used in conjunction with other TAKkill denaturant products which remove the tackiness of the resins prior to separation and removal.


Tak Kill Benefits

The primary benefit of using Gramos TAKKill Biocide Additive P.E.L is the time and money saved on the sorting and disposal of various types of waste, which have the potential to block up vital parts of your water systems essential to the smooth operation of any commercial activities. Used regularly as part of either a cleaning or maintenance routine, this product can become a powerful preventative measure, stopping buildups of bacterial growth, fungal growth or any other bits of debris from clogging up the system, and becoming larger problems further down the line. The best way to solve a big problem is to stop it before it gets out of control: in this way, the product is not only useful as a curative, but as a preventive measure. That's an incredibly useful benefit of using this biocide. It saves you from having to adopt two separate, complex maintenance routines with distinct maintenance and deep-cleaning products.

This P.E.L Biocide Additive has many potential applications, although it's most effective when used to separate solid waste from the water systems of spray paint booths - that's what it was specially engineered to do. This makes the cleaning process of these complex pieces of equipment far, far simpler than previous methods allowed, ensuring continued levels of operational efficiency in any busy industrial environment. Used properly, this powerful biocide additive has the potential to save thousands of pounds by reducing the depreciation rate of your assets. There aren't many more products currently available on the marketplace which give you such bang for your buck.



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