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BLS Valved Reusable FFP3 Dust Masks (10 in a box)

Product Ref: BLS-ZER031

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Product Description

BLS Face Mask Respirator


Introducing the BLS Valved Dust Mask - FFP3, the ultimate defense against harmful airborne particles and pollutants. Engineered with precision and expertise, this mask offers superior protection in environments where fine dust and hazardous substances are present. With its FFP3 classification, it provides the highest level of filtration efficiency, ensuring that even the smallest particles are captured. The built-in valve promotes easy exhalation, reducing heat and moisture buildup for enhanced comfort. The adjustable nose clip and elastic ear loops ensure a secure and personalized fit. Whether you're working in construction, woodworking, or dealing with toxic substances, trust the BLS Valved Dust Mask - FFP3 to keep you safe and breathe with confidence.

Main Features

  • R Classification - Classed as reusable and can be used for more than 1 shift
  • Low Breathing Resistance - Although classified as an FFP3 mask this mask contains textile technology that ensures the breathing resistance is similar to that of a FFP1 mask - meaning an easier breathing experience for the user

  • Anatomic - Preformed facepiece for easy donning and excellent fit, wide field of vision and high compatibility with glasses

  • Gasket - Soft technical foam, which allows an excellent fit and guarantees a high comfort

  • High Efficiency Eolo Valve - Eolo Technology is our system for fixing the valve’s membrane on three points instead of one, which allows an air passage in exhalation 30% higher than traditional valves, concentrating it in two points of maximum opening.

  • Welded Elastics- The ultrasonic welded elastics are made of hypoallergenic latex-free material to eliminate the exposed metal parts.

  • Armor External Protective Layer - External protective layer that ensures the protection of the filtering material from dirt, dust and liquids extending and preserving filtering efficiency.

  • Internal Nose Clip - Placed internally between the layers of filtering material, adapts optimally to the profile of the nose and eyes, ensuring good visibility and maximum compatibility with glasses.


Armor Guard Textile - Superior Defense Against Fluid Stains

Armor is a perforated polymer film. Each hole is of an optimal size to keep the drop of fluid compact to be intercepted and to prevent it from spreading over the surface and being absorbed between the pores of the fibres. Moreover, “Armor” has a very low surface roughness and allows fluid droplets to slide off intact with every movement of the face.

BLS Face Mask Respirator

What Protection Level Do I Need?

This filter level is a FFP3 which is the highest defence against dust particles.

Filter Protection Color Codes

A Organic gases and vapors with boiling point > 65 ° C
AX Organic gases and vapors with boiling point ≤ 65 ° C
B Inorganic gases and vapors (e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide)
E Gas and acid vapors (e.g. sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid)
K Ammonia and derivatives
◎ P Dust, mists, fumes

About BLS Respirators

BLS is an Italian Headquartered Respirator firm with 3 manufacturing facilities all in the EU. All products are researched and manufactured in the EU ensuring that supply chain disruption is minimised with short delivery lead times.

BLS operate their own innovation, quality and R&D testing with 50 years experience in respirator technology. They are accredited to ISO 9001 certification and EU 2016/425 for quality controls

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