Ultrimax Cardboard Paint Mixing Cups - 600cc (50 in a sleeve)

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Product Description


Ultrimax Paper / Carboard Mixing Cups - A Move To Sustainability

Ultrimax recycled cardboard mixing cups have a far lower impact on society and the environment and by using them you are helping move towards a sustainable future. Due to the current supply shortages cuased by the Covid-19 events of 2019+ there may be periods where card and paper mixing cups are unavailable. At this point as an interim we suggest moving to the polypropylene mixing ups until stock returns, product codes and links provided below:

PCC130 - Colad Polypropylene Mixing Cups 350ml to 6000ml

PCC124 - Ultrimax Polypropylene Mixing Cups 600cc


  • Cheapest Online price - 7.98p per cup. Get them cheaper with a yearly subscription. Interested contact us aboutPaint Mixing Cups subscription.
  • Waxed cardboard paint mixing cup MAC6 600cc with easy to read calibration
  • Available in sleeves of 50 cups for easy storage
  • UV resistant inks and strong paint proof adhesives makes this card mixing cup ideal for the professional paint shop


Disposable Ultrimax Paint Mixing Cups

Ultrimax cardboard paint mixing cups are throw away cups designed to facilitate a quick and simple way of mixing of paints and topcoats. They are a simple, portable solution for mixing paints and topcoats on-the-go, and can be easily disposed of when you are done.

Cardboard is a lightweight material, so you can carry large quantities of these mixing cups from one location to the next. They stack together for efficient use of space, and won't be irrevocably damaged when packed carefully during transit. The perfect solution for simple, no-frills, hassle-free paint and topcoat mixing.


Paint Mixing Cups Calibrations

The calibrations on the side of the Ultrimax cardboard paint mixing cups make them ideal for use mixing 2k paint. The mixing cup is calibrated with a 0-600 valumetric measurement scale.

All calibrations on these cups are in cubic centimetres (CC), so bear this in mind when measuring quantities during the mixing process. The cup capacity is a maximum of 600CC, which will be sufficient for the vast majority of mixing requirements.

If you work in millilitres (ml) you can easily convert the measurements into your preferred unit - if you need help doing this, there are plenty of unit converters available online. Try this Paint Mixing Cups Converter.


When mixing paints and topcoats it is important to get your quantities and ratios accurate, and with an Ultrimax mixing cup this product is an effective and simple way of doing that. Achieve the perfect mix every single time with no hassle so you can focus on producing a high performance job.

Mixing Cup Material

The materials used are resistant to most paint solvents, so the cups won't let you down during use. They are fairly robust, meaning they will maintain their integrity in storage for the long term, and they won't deteriorate while in use. When mixing paints and topcoats, the last thing you need is accessories that aren't fit for purpose; this can lead to paint getting wasted and unnecessary delays in completing jobs. The Ultrimax cardboard paint mixing cups are designed to be strong and reliable, so they will never let you down when you need them most.



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