3M Organic Vapour Cartridge Filter A2 - 06915 - Box of 4

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Product Description

Ease of Using the 3M Organic Vapour Cartridge Air Filter

The 3M Organic Cartridge Filter A2 06915 is a lightweight filter that is very well balanced when fitted to any 3M Half Face Mask or 3M Full Face Mask

Also adding to the design is the low breathing resistance which makes it a lot easier for the painter to carry on working and not get held up with breathing difficulties. When added to a 3M full face mask or 3M half face mask, the ergonomic design of the filters allows for ease of use and less disruption caused by problems with a poor design.

Fitting to the 3M Full Face Mask and 3M Half Face Mask

The 3M Organic Cartridge Air Filter 06915 has a unique bayonet fitting system that allows the user full protection as well as quick and easy releases from the full face mask and half-face mask. This also gives peace of mind to the painter because they know that they can rely on their 3M face mask set to give them full protection from any organic vapours. 

Protection of the 3M Organic Cartridge Air Filters with a 3M Face Mask

The 3M Organic Cartridge Filter A2 06915 protects the user from any organic vapours. Organic Vapours is the vapour that is given off an organic solvent when evaporating. A lot of these organic vapours are given off by paint so it is vital that when painting to use an Organic Cartridge Filter and a 3M half face mask or 3M full face mask to protect the user from harmful vapours. These Cartridge filters, when used in conjunction with any of the 3M half face mask or 3M full face masks from the 3M 6000 or 3M 7000 range will give the user full protection from any organic vapours.

Excellent Field of Vision With The 3M Half Face Mask and 3M Full Face Mask

The trapezoidal design of the organic cartridge filters means that when they are attached to the 3M half face mask or 3M full face mask, the painter isn't hindered by a small field of vision, instead, the painter has got a full field of vision that isn't blocked by any part of the cartridge filter.

How an Organic Vapour Cartridge Filter Works

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