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Jotun Conseal Touch-Up Ral 9005

Product Ref: IPCT05-9005
Colour: Black
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Jotun Conseal Touch-Up Ral 9005

Jotun Conseal Touch-Up is a one component physically drying acrylic coating with a semi-matt finish. It is a high build product that is fast drying and can be used direct to metal. Ideal as a primer/topcoat in atmospheric environments, it can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures.

Jotun Conseal Touch-Up is recommended for refineries, power plants, containers, bridges and buildings. Suitable for a wide range of industrial structures.


Features of Jotun Conseal Touch-Up 

The Jotun Conseal Touch-Up available at Ultrimax Store provides a long-lasting finish. It can be applied using a conventional airless spray, a roller or brush. If an airless spray is used for application, the paint must be diluted by 5-10%, while a roller is not recommended for the first coat on bare metal. If using a brush, take care to select a suitable one depending on the surface of application. 

Other notable features include: 

- Excellent flexibility and water resistance
- Good colour retention
- Shelf life at 23 °C of 48 months (this is the minimum shelf life as specified by Jotun)

Depending on the level of exposure, various topcoats and primers can also be used with this product, including epoxy, zinc epoxy, shop primer and acrylic. 

Storage and health considerations of Jotun Conseal Touch-up for sale

Here at Ultrimax Store, we recommend that all users store their Jotun Conseal Touch-up inline with the national regulations. Regulations include keeping the product away from heat and ignition sources, and storing the pots in well ventilated, cool and dry areas. Remember to always keep the lid of the container tightly closed. 

Ideally this product should be used by professionals only, or under close supervision. We recommend you always wear the correct safety gear and PPE when mixing, stirring and applying this product.

Other tips to follow include:

- Always use the product under well ventilated conditions
- Do not inhale any mist from the spray
- Avoid skin contact and use soap and water (or a suitable cleanser) if spillage on the skin occurs
- Wash your eyes with water if the spray comes into contact with your face

Buy Jotun Conseal Touch-up today

Jotun Conseal Touch-up is available to buy from Ultrimax Store today. Contact us for more advice regarding this product - we're always happy to advise on the correct application procedures and storage conditions. Note: the Jotun Thinner No. 7 is the suitable thinner/cleaning solvent for the Jotun Conseal Touch-up.

Rating:starstarstarstarstar (1 reviews)

Tue 11th Dec 2018
Quality product, always available.

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