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Colormax Aerosol Spray Paint Etch Primer

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Product Description

Colormax Aerosol Spray Paint Etch Primer

An exceptional paint job requires a superior primer as its base. Paint bonding and corrosion protection for bare metallic surfaces are predominantly important. Colormax Etch Primer is a fast and effective adhesion to many difficult substrates such as Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Zintec and Galvanised Steel.

The etch primer is available as a ready-to-use spray allowing for an easy and effective application. The final surface is a super smooth non-porous finish that is suitable for any topcoat.

  • Good corrosive resistance
  • Weld through primer
  • High opacity
  • Very fast drying
  • Superb bonding on several metals
  • Ready-to-use spray, no mixing required
  • Compatible with most paint systems and auto finish


Etch primers are typically used for manufacturing applications such as metal production, gates, structural steel, agricultural parts and tanks. The application method is spraying.

Most model engineers encounter difficulties while using etch primer due to incorrect cleaning and/or application of the product.

The surface must be free from all contamination including moisture, rust and grease. Clean the surface to be painted thoroughly with a suitable cleaner like Metal Wash or painting prep for best results.

To ensure that the etch primer adheres correctly to the substrate, these steps should be followed:

Put on a pair of rubber gloves, to prevent putting fingerprints back onto the cleaned surface.

Clean and remove grease on the surface to be primed with a cleaner of choice. The cleaner should be applied to a clean lint-free T-shirt or rag wiped over the surface and left to dry. To ensure the surface is clean and free from grease and dirt, wipe it several times.

Shake the spray can vigorously for two minutes then apply it to a sample area. Spray a thin coat on the substrate and allow it to dry for between 10 to 20 minutes then overcoat after two hours. Start with the painting or filling.

Etch primers only start to work after they dry. The drying time depends on humidity, temperature and thickness of the coat applied. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the thinnest coat possible during application.

Colour Range: available in grey


Precautionary Measures:

• Using aerosols requires working in a well-ventilated area.
• Use of a respirator is recommended when using this product.
• Exercise extra care when using this product over enamel finishes because lifting may occur.
• Keep away from heat or sparks as it is highly flammable.
• Protect product from direct sunlight and dispose of container correctly.

Colormax aerosol etch Primer lets you prepare metals surfaces or substrates optimally for easy paint applications. It provides better bonding and corrosion resistance for blank surfaces than other aerosols.



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