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Colormax Pre Catalysed Wood Topcoat - Matt

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5 Litre
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Product Description


Colormax Pre Catalysed Topcoat

  • x1 Tin of (Pre Cat) Topcoat In 5ltr size IN Matt / Semi-Matt / Satin / Gloss . Ultrimax Brand with Ring and latch closer
  • Recommended Thinner - Ultrimax Standard Cellulose Thinner Part Code PSS015


A very fast drying, high opacity, durable single pack interior coating suitable for all areas where resistance to aggressive abrasion, heat or chemical attack is not required. Colormax PC is pre catalysed which means it is ready for use to be spray applied to furniture. This product is available in Matt, Satin and Gloss and can be mixed to any colour and we match to most interior design colours.


Pick a Pre-Catalysed Paint Colour

You can pick any colour you wish on ordering, simply add to basket and you will be asked to add a colour name. This could be a RAL, British Standard (B.S) or a colour such as Farrow & Ball - Mouses Breath etc.


Pre Cat Features

The Ultrimax Pre-Catalysed Topcoat is a high-quality coating solution that delivers exceptional results and a professional finish on a wide range of surfaces. This pre-cat topcoat offers superior adhesion, versatility, and convenience, making it the perfect choice for achieving outstanding results on various projects.

The key feature of the Ultrimax Pre-Catalysed Topcoat is its pre-catalysed formulation. The topcoat comes pre-mixed with a catalyst, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. This eliminates the need for additional mixing and guarantees the correct ratio of topcoat to catalyst, providing optimal performance and durability.

The Ultrimax Pre-Catalysed Topcoat is specifically designed to offer excellent adhesion, forming a strong and durable bond with the surface. It provides a protective layer that enhances the appearance while protecting against scratches, stains, and other forms of wear and tear. This topcoat also provides resistance against UV rays, preventing fading or discoloration over time.

Versatility is another notable feature of the Ultrimax Pre-Catalysed Topcoat. It can be used on various substrates, including wood, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you're working on furniture, cabinets, or other interior or exterior surfaces, this topcoat ensures a professional-grade finish with exceptional durability.

Applying the Ultrimax Pre-Catalysed Topcoat is a breeze. Its smooth consistency and excellent flow and leveling properties allow for easy brush or spray application. It dries quickly, reducing waiting time and enabling you to proceed with additional coats or other finishing processes efficiently.

Whether you are a professional craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, the Ultrimax Pre-Catalysed Topcoat is an essential product for achieving outstanding results. Trust in its pre-cat formulation for consistent and reliable performance, ensuring a flawless finish on your projects.

Invest in the Ultrimax Pre-Catalysed Topcoat and experience the difference it makes in the quality and longevity of your coated surfaces. With its superior adhesion, versatility, and convenience, this topcoat is the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Trust Ultrimax for exceptional performance and exceptional results, backed by the convenience of a pre-catalysed formulation.

Technical Detail



Designed for use on structural steel where a high build system is required.



Viscosity: BB 1900 ± 150 (probe 3, 20 rpm) NN 40” ± 3”

Gloss Level: 10, 30, 60 and 80 gloss

Solids Content %: BB 47 ± 3 NN 22 ± 3

Specific Gravity: BB 1.160 ± 0.030 NN 0.950 ± 0.030

Mixing: Weight Binder 100 Pastes 5-15 Thinner 20-40


FILM THICKNESS min. 60 - max. 150g/m2


SURFACE PREPARATION With nitrocellulose, polyurethane or polyester basecoat.

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