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Ultrimax Pre Catalysed Clear Sanding Sealer - 25ltr

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25 Litre
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Product Description

Ultrimax High Build Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products

  • x1 Tin of (Pre Cat) Clear Sanding Sealer In 5ltr / 25ltr size. Ultrimax Brand with Ring and latch closer
  • Recommended Thinner - Ultrimax Standard CelluloseThinner Part Code PSS015
  • No Halo left on spot repairs
  • Fast drying, easy sanding, ideal preparation for topcoats
  • Ultrimax High Build Sanding Sealer is a quick drying basecoat for wood and MDF. Easy to sand.


High Build Sealer

A nitrocellulose based clear basecoat used to seal solid wood and veneers in the production of furniture and related items. The addition of an additive ensures good sanding properties.

A well proven product for the traditional furniture maker, combining good aesthetic and excellent application properties.

Suitable for all types of furniture, including reproduction, when a fast drying, medium build is required.

Excels in flow-out, adhesion and hold-out. Fast-drying, resistant to yellowing. Leaves no halo on spot repairs.

The Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products is a high-quality coating solution designed specifically for use with pre-cat finishes. This sanding sealer offers exceptional adhesion, smoothness, and convenience, making it the perfect choice for achieving a flawless and professional result on your pre-cat projects.

The key feature of the Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products is its compatibility with pre-cat finishes. It is specially formulated to work in conjunction with pre-catalysed topcoats, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. This sanding sealer acts as a base coat, enhancing the adhesion and durability of the subsequent pre-cat topcoat.

Applying the Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products is a breeze. Its smooth consistency allows for easy application with a brush or spray gun, providing a uniform and even coverage. The sealer dries quickly, allowing for efficient sanding and preparation for the final pre-cat topcoat application.

The Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products is designed to provide excellent adhesion, ensuring a strong bond between the substrate and the pre-cat finish. This promotes long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, the sealer helps to seal the surface, minimizing the absorption of the pre-cat topcoat and ensuring a smooth and flawless final finish.

When using the Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products, you can expect exceptional results on a variety of surfaces such as wood, MDF, and more. Whether you're working on furniture, cabinets, or other interior or exterior projects, this sanding sealer provides a solid foundation for your pre-cat finishes.

Not only does the Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products enhance the performance of your pre-cat coatings, but it also offers protection. The sealer creates a barrier that helps resist moisture, stains, and other common environmental factors such as halo spots, ensuring the longevity of your finished projects.

For professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, the Sanding Sealer For Pre-Catalysed Products is an essential component for achieving outstanding results with pre-cat finishes. Its compatibility, ease of application, and excellent adhesion make it a reliable choice for preparing surfaces and enhancing the performance of your pre-cat coatings.


Technical Detail





GLOSS: Sealer

VISCOSITY: 45-50 sec B4 @ 20’C

VOC CONTENT: approx 666 gms/ltr




COVERAGE: 8-10 square metres per ltr




DRY FILM THICKNESS: 20-25 microns

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