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Sayerlack 2pk PU Polyurethane Fast Paint Thinner DT1150 - 5 Litre

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5 Litre
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Product Description

Sayerlack Polyurethane Fast Paint Thinner DT1150

Manufactured with top quality raw materials and an excellent balance of components ensures a regular evaporation curve. After DT004, DT1150 is the thinner which reduces the viscosity of polyurethane coatings the most and at the same time increasing their pot-life.


DT1150 is standard speed (fast) evaporating thinner for all PU and Acrylic in general. Exceptions for high-gloss etc. It is the most common solvent for PU coatings.

Industrial Thinner and Cleaner suitable for use with Sayerlack: TU1, TZ36, TU61, SU0340/13, SZ33, WU42, WZ54, WZ59, TU0054.


Polyurethane Fast Paint Thinner General Characteristics

DT1150/00 is suitable for polyurethane and nitrocellulose coatings and for solvent based stains series XM7100/XX.
It is manufactured with top quality raw materials and its excellent balance of components ensures a regular evaporation curve.

After DT0004/00, DT1150/00 is the thinner which reduces most the viscosity of polyurethane coatings, increasing at the same time their potlife.

Its evaporation speed is quite fast, but in practice this does not impact drying time of coatings.

DT1150/00 can be regarded as a general purpose paint thinner since it can dilute both polyurethane basecoats and topcoats in all seasons of the year except the hottest months when, except for specific cases, DT1146/00 is to be preferred.

DT1150/00 can also thin nitrocellulose coatings, but only when one wants to speed up drying, otherwise DS1105/00 is to be preferred.




Technical Detail

Fast Paint Thinner Technical Characteristics:

Specific gravity (kg/l): 0.850 ± 0.030

Flash point: -5°C

Drying speed (max 100 – min 0): 75

Shelf-life: If the product is properly stored, shelf-life is


The hotter the weather, or the thicker the coats of product being applied – the slower the thinner to use.

It is also fine for Sayerlack DT1150, DT1146 and DT441 to be mixed together in order to create a mid-way drying speed option.



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