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As a globally renown auto spray line, Venjakob has developed its reputation for excellence in spray coating over the last 60 years.​

Spray and Finish Solutions Delivered by global champion, Venjakob

Venjakob has a range of spray coating machines that offers the highest quality in surface coating across businesses of all sizes. Match your Venjakob unit to your needs – chose from the VEN SPRAY ONE, the VEN SPRAY SMART, the VEN SPRAY COMFORT or the VEN SPRAY PERFECT – in the knowledge that your spray robot will deliver excellent finishes across a range of surfaces. Venjakob has leveraged technology to create clean, powerful machines that can be easily installed and maintained across workshops of all sizes.

FAQ's about Venjakob

Find out more about Venjakob, Germany’s precision spray coating specialist. With knowledge across the spectrum of the coating line from large-scale industrial processes to small workshop-based solutions, Venjakob is the perfect spray coating partner.

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Case Study – Kalmbach

Small Business Needed to Automate Spray Coating Process at Speed

  • Company: Family-run, Black Forest-based interiors manufacturer for luxury lifestyle hospitality and wellness businesses.
  • Challenge Faced: Business needed to move from hand spraying. Kalmbach require a range of different wood coating solutions on a daily basis and need a flexible, high-quality surface coating solution.
  • Solution: The VEN SPRAY ONE semi-automatic spray coating machine’s four spray guns and powerful linear drive supported a wide range of materials and finishes delivered to an extremely high standard.
  • Installation: The VEN SPRAY ONE was installed within four weeks of order – a requirement of the job – with additional mirror at rear of the machine to enable single operator usage. A rear-mounter roller conveyor delivers faster and easier loading and unloading.
  • Performance: Within four months of installation, Kalmbach has recorded a time saving of over 50% while maintaining a consistently high-quality output and more efficient deployment in human resource.


Nolte Küchen

Case Study - Nolte Küchen

Specialist Kitchen Manufacturer Secures Automatic Spray Coating and Drying Solution

  • Company: High-end tailored German Kitchen Brand
  • Challenge Faced: Complex application of wood finishes to premium kitchen manufacturer needed to deliver robust waterproof protection to an extremely high standard.
  • Solution: VEN SPRAY ONE finishing line applies customised coating and finishing system across range of surfaces, from raw wood to laminated surfaces.
  • Installation: Fully automatic spray coating and matte surface drying system with conveyor installed at Löhne plant. Venjakob contracted as general contractor.
  • Performance: Semi-automatic, the VEN SPRAY ONE coating system was delivered and installed within four weeks of commissioning, reducing the workload of the small, specialist workshop team with immediate effect without compromising on finish.



The VEN SPRAY ONE is a compact but powerful spray coating machine that can be installed in your workshop within four weeks from order. Developed to be a plug and play option, the VEN SPARY ONE'S four spray gun performance enables quick paint change and delivers high quality wood coating results across a range of wood surfaces. In addition to paint, the VEN SPRAY ONE also works with glues and adhesive as well as varnishes. Semi-automation means that you can reduce the number of operators along your coating and finishing line without losing the precision you’re known for.

Venjakob Tailor Made Finishing Lines

Finishing Line Finishing Line

Venjakob is your partner, providing bespoke finishing solutions tailored to your specific needs, encompassing exhaust air purification and conveyor technology. We deliver intricate processes tailored for diverse industrial applications. From initial consultation through to final commissioning, we cater to businesses of all sizes – small, medium, or large – with bespoke solutions that seamlessly adapt to your requirements. Wherever you operate, wherever assistance is needed, Venjakob stands ready to support, making your finishing line our expertise.

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