• Ultrimax Low Level Dry Filter Extraction Box - 1500mm

Ultrimax Low Level Dry Filter Extraction Boxes - 1500mm

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Product Description

dry filter spray booths for sale

Low-Level Extraction Boxes

If your business is part of an industry that requires the safe and efficient removal of paint overspray in low-ventilated areas, volatile organic chemical (VOC) by-product, or even simply debris in confined areas, your business needs competent and expertly crafted low-level extraction units.

These units are perfect for use in a variety of settings, including spray booths, paint shops, and other environments affected by overspray. In addition to being highly effective at capturing fumes and other airborne particles, low-level extraction boxes are also very easy to set up and use. At Ultrimax, we offer complete fit out options in low-level extraction units, including paint particulate extraction units, and units for safe and complete volatile organic compound (VOC) extraction.

Read on to find out more.


What are low-level extraction boxes and what are they used for?

If you're looking for an effective paint particulate extraction unit for your workspace, look no further than low-level extraction boxes. These units are designed to be used in a variety of settings, including spray booths and other overspray-heavy environments. Low-level extraction boxes provide powerful suction that can help to remove fumes from the air, making them an ideal solution for industrial businesses that need to keep their workspaces clean and toxin-free.


Low-level extraction boxes – Finding the right extractor for the job

If you need low-level extraction boxes, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you buy.


Your space

First, consider the size of the unit you need. If you have a large space that needs to be kept clear of overspray, and the fumes and paint particulate that can contaminate the air and surfaces, you'll need a unit with a higher suction power.

We can help you match your paint particulate extraction unit to the space, to ensure the most effective overspray removal.


Your ducting needs

Consider your ducting requirements. Ducting is the mechanism that joins the paint particulate extraction unit to the fan. Fitting ducting, in this case may have a specialised requirement depending on the location of the extractor box.

We can help you ensure your ducting is setup neatly to the fan flange, for the most effective extraction.


Noise management

Paint particulate extraction units, simply due to the nature of the design, do have a level of noise output. So, lastly consider your noise management requirement in relation to the positioning of your unit.

We can advise on best practice noise reduction, or possible silencing measures, if need be.


Where to buy low-level extraction boxes

You’ve come to the right place.

At Ultrimax, we offer a full range of paint particulate extraction units to suit your budget. We can offer complete fit out packages, with low-level extraction boxes designed to meet all health and safety ordinances and built to suit your project and business needs. We can quote for supply only or supply and install.


Call 01302 856666 or email sales@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk


Frequently asked questions


Where are low-level extraction boxes used?

Low-level extraction boxes are used in spray booths, paint shops, and other industrial environments affected by overspray and VOCs like acetone and formaldehyde.


Does Ultrimax also install low-level extraction boxes?

Yes. Although low-level extraction boxes are quick to setup, there can be a number of variables required in installation, depending on the unit, position in the workspace, and specifications of extraction needed. We recommend getting a qualified installation specialist like Ultrimax to install your unit, to ensure efficacy, correct functioning and compliance with LEV testing. Call 01302 856666 or email sales@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk


Do extractor fans use a lot of electricity?

Not necessarily. The spray booth environment is controllable if you use a variable speed drive. Taking measures to reduce electricity when in use, like controlling airflow and temperatures, reducing bake times, and reducing the heated air exhaust rate can save electricity. These measures, in turn, will reduce the energy consumption of your paint particulate extraction unit.


How do I know if my extractor fan is not working?

There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for, if you suspect your paint particulate extraction unit may be faulty.

  • First, fumes and overspray don’t seem to be dissipating from the booth.
  • Secondly, the fan may sound like it’s straining, or may even be quieter than it usually is.

It’s obviously vital that your low-level extractor box is functioning properly, in order to reduce the health risks that come with VOCs in the booth, and to prevent overspray from settling on surfaces it shouldn’t.

When in doubt, contact Ultrimax. We can advise on the status of your paint particulate extraction unit, and make sure it’s in excellent working order at all times.

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