Ultrimax Spray Booth Inlet Filter - Pleated -24x24x4inch (596x596x100mm)

Ultrimax Spray Booth Inlet Filter - Pleated - 24"x24"x4" (596x596x100mm)

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Ultrimax Spray Booth Inlet Filter - Pleated - 24"x24"x4" (596x596x100mm)

The pleated inlet filter can be used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems where heightened protection levels are necessary or where larger volumes of air are processed. Constructed of a lattice faced card frame with pleated synthetic media inlet, the filter is reinforced with a metal support grid.


Ultrimax Spray Booth Inlet Filter is suitable for both G4 and F6 filtration efficiency and can be used in many practises. Disposal of waste air from spray booths and kitchens and also to protect against the pollution of air conditioning and compact instruments. This can be used as a secondary filter in industrial, aerospace and metal fabrication applications to remove spray paint particles contained in the exhaust stream, reducing potentially hazardous emissions into the air.

4 filters in an outer box

These Ultrimax glass fibre panel filters are ideal for the filtration of air in spray booths to extract paint, dust and powder. They can remove up to 98% of over spray paint particles contained in the exhaust stream, reducing potentially hazardous emissions into the air. Also known as paint stop or paint arrestor filters, they are best suited for high spray paint applications, mainly within automotive refinishing.  These filters are disposable, offering a basic level of filtration or pre-filtration. 

A pad of smartglass fibre is bonded into a water repellent Aquakote card frame. The media is made from recycled products with graduated density to provide great depth loading of dirt and takified to provide improved efficiency. Superior tear resistance when wet or dry is given due to the frame being made from Aquakote. Manufactured from a renewable source.


How Often Should You Change Spray Booth Filters?

Need advice on choosing the correct spray booth filter for each type of spray booth?  Check out our blog to discover the various types of inlet, extract and ceiling filters you may need to consider and when to change them. Spray Booth Filters Blog


Why do you need spray booth inlet filters?

Spray booth inlet filters are needed to maintain high-quality standards within a spray booth and ensure the health and safety of workers outside the booth. Pre-filtration of the air that enters the booth ensures no contaminants compromise the quality of the spray booth environment. Filtering the air exiting the booth ensures no hazardous chemicals can reach workers outside the booth. 

Convenience of panels

Spray booth inlet filter glass fibre panels make sizing and fitting the filters incredibly easy. With 596mm x 596mm x 100mm, 596 mm x 596 mm x 50 mm and 500 mm x 500 mm x 50 mm generous sizing options available, applying a panel to a filter is simple and multiple panels can be combined to effortlessly cover a larger area. Spray booth inlet filters are needed on both ceiling and wall vents to create the best working environment. 

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

As spray booth inlet filter glass fibre panels reduce harmful and hazardous chemicals from leaving the spray booth, they reduce pollution and reduce the environmental impact of a manufacturing/painting process. The panels are disposable but are made from recycled products, reducing their environmental impact further. 

Effective and efficient filtration

Aside from the environmental and health benefits of an efficient filtration system, spray booth inlet filter glass fibre panels are beneficial for ensuring the quality of your painting is not compromised. As the filters prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the spray booth, spray painting jobs can be completed a high-quality standard. An inefficient filtering system may cause paintwork to need extra buffing or re-doing due to contaminants, wasting both time and money. 

Keep your spray booth in excellent condition

There is no set time limit to how often you should change your spray booth filters as each spray booth environment is different. How frequently a booth is used and the quantity of work the booth is used for, for example, are factors that can affect how regularly a filter needs to be changed. As a rough guideline, filers on ceiling vents should be changed every six to twelve months and cross draft panel vent filters should be replaced every two to five months.


Check out our Video Guide to Inlet Spray Booth Filter Maintenance


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