Ultrimax Personal Hygiene Bag

Ultrimax Personal Hygiene Bag for Spray Paint Mask

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Ultrimax Personal Hygiene Bag for Spray Paint Mask


Listing for x1 Spray Paint Mask Hygiene Drawstring Bag (Honeywell Kit available separately)

Spray Paint Masks - Particles

Spray Paint Masks & respirators Certified to the PPE directive provide clean and safe air when working in potentially hazardous conditions.

Harmful particles are prevented from passing through specialist filters which are either contained within disposable or reusable units depending on your needs and preferences.

Often a requirement of certain workplaces, choose from a variety of protection levels and fitting types


Spray Paint Mask Storage

But at the end of each day you may change your filter but what about your mask unit?

Where do you store your mask, on a spray booth side? in a locker? or on the floor? All of these areas may contain contaminants that leach into your mask and affect the performance of your respiratory performance and spray accuracy. In worst case scenarios bacteria, E-coli can form causing serious respiratory conditions if a mask is not adequately cared for. 

It's therefore imperative that you wipe down your paint spray mask at the end of each day and then contain it within a personal hygiene bag to limit exposure to harmful materials and bacteria in the atmosphere.


Hygiene Bag Storage for Spray Paint Masks


At 40 x 30cm the Ultrimax Hygiene bag can easily store a full air fed Honeywell spray mask kit.

The Honeywell Air Fed Complete Kit


Standard masks without air feeds and dust masks will be easily accommodated. The drawstring allows the mask to be tightly held in the bag in case storage is hung or high up on shelving or hooks.


The smaller zipped area allows delicate items such as tubing to be stored safely away from the main mask.



Choosing the correct Spray Paint Mask for you?

There are a range of spray paint masks for every application from full air fed systems which protect against particles and gas to simple masks aimed at delivering basic particle protection. Read our Article on which mask may be best suited for you.

Size - 40cm x 30cm

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