Ultrimax Lambswool Roller Refils - Solvent Resistant - (10)

Lambswool Paint Roller Refill Sleeve (Pkt 10) - Solvent Resistant

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Lambswool Paint Roller Refill Sleeve (Pkt 10) - Solvent Resistant

A high quality soft Lambswool Roller Refill (4”), which is solvent resistant.

  • For emulsion, masonry and solvent based paints.
  • Maximum paint pick-up.
  • Fast even coverage.
  • Holds and apply’s Resins and Topcoats, leaving an even coat, for a flawless finish.
  • Designed not to break down when used with Resins, Gelcoats and Topcoats, when exposed to high Styrene levels.
  • Comes in a pack of 10.



Cheap foam rollers aren’t suitable for use with solvents. They will dissolve or fall apart, leaving debris behind in your finish. Lambskin, however, is the most solvent-resistant roller sleeve material on the market, making it a favourite choice for many marine and industrial applications.

Lambskin will maintain its integrity with:

  • Urethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Fibreglass resins
  • Resins, gelcoats and topcoats with high styrene content


Lambswool sleeves are more durable than synthetic equivalents. They have a tight weave that sits firmly against the plastic core and maintains its integrity. Foam outers are more likely to fall apart and are often single-use products for this reason.

Lambskin is also easy to clean and keeps its original shape, giving it a longer re-use lifespan than other materials. Merino wool, which is softer and more flexible than standard lambswool, is particularly hardwearing.


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