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Ultrimax Mobile Cleaning Trolley / Sanitiser Station - Return to Work Safety Package

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Ultrimax Mobile Cleaning Trolley / Sanitiser Station - Return to Work Safety Package


A much anticipated return to work is approaching...is your workplace safe and capable of operating to protect your employees and colleagues?


Save £100 by purchasing the Cleaning Station pre-loaded with products - compared to purchasing individual item prices! 


The Need to Sanitise in the Workplace

The average warehouse, factory and office space is a hotbed for bacteria. From eating at desks, to sharing pens and the density of staff on a factory floor, these combinations of human activity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic can multiply exposure to bacteria.

To ensure a safe and responsible return to working conditions the Government has recommended a regimented approach to disinfecting and sterilising of the workplace after common activities. 

Read our Blog on 10 Tips for Keeping Your Workplace Clean.


The Ultrimax Cleaning Trolley / Cleaning Station

Ultrimax has developed this new unit  as a mobile station to help combat viral spread and contagion. Here are some of the main features of the cleaning station:

  1. The station is manufactured from steel and powder coated black for a professional look, making the station easy to wipe down and sanitise. It's handy height and width mean it can be moved and placed into most spaces around the workplace. It's accessible to both able and non able bodied members of the workforce.
  2. Mobile and wheeled for easy re-location to trouble areas
  3.  Designed with separate areas, holders and sections for useful anti-bacterial items such as:
    1. a nitrile glove dispenser station
    2. sanitising blue roll area
    3. bin store
    4. overalls hanger
    5. disinfectant spray holder
    6. multi-purpose shelf.


What's Included?

The Ultrimax Cleaning Station is a very effective hand washing station including a massive 6 item standard equipment deal:

  • x1 Steel fabricated and powder coated black cleaning station


  • x1 box of 100 Disposable Black Nitrile Painters Gloves (S, M, L, XL)

  • x1 Blue Paper Roll

  • x1 Spirit Cloth Roll


  • x1 Pack (48 Wipes) Antibacterial Hand Wipes


  • x1 500ml Easy Flip Top Alcohol Hand Gel


Effective within Paint shops and Offices

The Ultrimax Cleaning station was originally developed as a rapid response to help critical sector workers such as Ambulance Trusts, NHS offices and key logistics operations (Rail, Steel fabrication, Plant & Machinery) return to work effectively.

The Ultrimax Cleaning station is purpose built to withstand the rigours of both warehouse, paint shop and office placement. The simple, clean design means it can be placed into any business requiring a professional solution to sanitising and protecting the workforce.


Technical Measurements

All dimensions in mm


COVID-19 Return to Work Help

If you're at the early stages of putting together a back to work safety and risk plan, Ultrimax has put together some information to help speed up the process.

The risk assessment can be used in any company situation large and small and has been based on HSE Covid-19 guidelines.

Download our free Covid-19 risk Assessment Plan


Antibacterial Stay Clean Advice

Read our article providing 12 tips to keep your work place clean from bacteria.



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