Tuffalo Low Tack Protection Tape - Black/White - 600mm x 100M

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Tuffalo Low Tack Protection Tape - Black/White - 600mm x 100M

The Tuffalo black and white low tack adhesive tape is hand tearable and has an easy peel natural rubber adhesive so can be easily applied to different shapes and surfaces in the workshop or on site. The low tack tape is UV stabilised making it an ideal solution for sun damage. The protection film also has an aesthetically pleasing white finish which allows you to write on the surface of the product throughout the production stages, if required.

  • Low tack easy-peel adhesive

  • Mask surfaces quickly and easily

  • Great for masking off delicate surfaces

  • Cost effective protection solution

  • Widths Available: 10mm-1200mm

  • Lengths Available: 100m, 250m, 500m

  • No residue left behind

The Tuffalo low tack tape ensures the preservation of glossy and matte surfaces during manufacturing, transport and maintenance. This low tack protection tape can be applied to  many different materials such as painted surfaces, stainless steel, sheet metal, ceramics, PVC and much more. It is essential to keep these materials free from scratches, dirt and damage to ensure a quality finish for the end product. If surfaces are not properly protected it could result in the reworking of the area or the cost of paying for damages to be repaired.

The black and white low tack tape is recommended for the protection of sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage during processing, storage and transportation. NOT to protect against corrosion, humidity or chemical substances.

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