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 lev testing system

If your employees frequently work with airborne hazards or contaminants, then you probably have a local exhaust ventilation, or LEV, system somewhere in your facility. LEV systems trap and safely remove hazardous substances from the air. Typically, the system will clear out and clean contaminated air before releasing it back into the atmosphere outside your facility. This ensures that employees and anyone else who may be in the area during the use of airborne hazards or contaminants will not be harmed by them.

As you can probably guess, these systems are extremely important to the continued safety of yourself and your employees. This is especially crucial when your employees work with airborne hazards or contaminants in relatively high concentrations. Thus, it is necessary to have LEV servicing and testing done frequently to ensure that your system is always in working order and complies with government standards.

Spray booth LEV testing, in particular, should be completed at a minimum of every 14 months to comply with legal requirements. Depending on your usage, yours may need to be tested even more often than that.

Here's everything you need to know about why you need frequent and thorough LEV testing, how it’s done, and what you should look for in the best LEV testing companies.


LEV Tests: The Basics

Before we dive into covering what to look for in your LEV testing provider, let’s first make sure we nail down what a LEV test is and why it’s so important to the health and safety of your employees.


What is a LEV test?

The term LEV test refers to a thorough examination and test (TExT) of your LEV equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly. You can expect a full inspection of the system itself as well as a thorough assessment of its performance, with a full report at the end to let you know about any issues that may have been found. All of the equipment required for the actual extraction of contaminated air, including the hoods, filters, and ducts, must be in working order.


 lev testing system

Is LEV system testing a legal requirement?

Yes! According to the regulations for COSHH, or Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, you must carry out annual testing on your LEV system to make sure it complies with standards set in place by the HSE.


What are my responsibilities as an employer?

COSHH Regulation 9 first indicates that employers must have LEV systems in place to protect employees from exposure to dust and fumes in their working environments. It goes on to state that employers are also responsible for making sure these systems are clean and in working order to effectively protect their employees. This is done via COSHH LEV testing every 14 months.


Why is HSE LEV testing every 14 months?

14 months is simply the standard regulation set in place by the HSE. If your LEV system is in frequent use and thus subject to more wear and tear than the average unit, you may need to carry out testing more often. Sometimes, this may even mean testing it as much as every 6 months. Your tester can help you determine your next examination date based on the frequency of your usage.


How do I know if my LEV is working?

The HSE has a guide to help you understand the requirements surrounding LEV. However, a trusted LEV testing company will explain any necessary changes you might need to make to ensure your system complies with the necessary government standards, as well as any signs of your LEV not working properly that you should watch out for.


LEV Testing Services

Now, let us give you an idea of what to expect when you have LEV testing services performed on your facilities.


Who should perform an LEV test?

Only trained professionals with a thorough understanding of HSE regulations should perform LEV tests. Otherwise, you may not receive the right information about how to fix your LEV system. If your LEV system isn’t functioning properly, you could be subject to legal ramifications.


What information does the tester need?

Your LEV tester will need to know the original intention for the LEV system. That way, they can assess whether or not it is still accomplishing that goal.

Let’s look at spray booths as an example. Spray paint releases particles called isocyanates into the air, which can be dangerous when inhaled. Therefore, the goal of your spray booth LEV system is to remove these and other harmful particles from the workspace to protect your employees. If your LEV tester finds that your system is no longer effectively removing contaminants, then it will need service before it can be used again.


What should the LEV test include?

LEV extraction testing should include a thorough examination of all the equipment in your LEV system as well as an assessment of its performance.

Once the test has been completed, your tester should label your system to indicate when it was last inspected and when it will be due for inspection once again. In the event that your system fails the test, the tester may mark it with a red label. The label can be removed once the proper repairs have been made to place the system back in working order.


How much does LEV testing cost?

The cost of a full LEV inspection may vary depending on how many systems you need to have evaluated. There may be a flat rate for the test itself as well as an additional

cost of labour per hour for your examiner, which can vary depending on the company and the level of experience that your examiner may have.


Need more advice?

If you have any further questions about your LEV system or how to have it tested, contact our friendly staff to set up an appointment today. Our trained professionals operate with efficiency in mind, so you won’t have to lose a single day of business. Without interrupting your usual proceedings, we will ensure that your system complies with both building and HSE regulations and help you figure out the best spray booth configuration for your company.

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