Wilson Coatings Transform Commercial Building With 3 Paint Systems



jotun joinery paint and ultrimax industrial paint combine

Jotun, Sayerlack and Ultrimax Paints Combine

When Wilson Coatings Ltd of Retford owner Barry Wilson, was asked to transform a commercial building, no one product was going to solve all of the variety of challenges the company faced. The old aluminium windows in many cases were poorly hanging and the original red oxide colouring had faded after many years of UV exposure to the elements. The soffits and louvres also needed a full respray after years of dilapadation and the internals had been ripped out and refitted and so needed a complete re-coating.


Industrial Paint That Won't Fail

To combat the issues Barry relied upon three brands of paint he knew wouldn't fail him on such an important project. Not only that but products which were easy to use in a situation where many trades were working together at once. By selecting Jotun Paints, Sayerlack Joinery Paint and Ultrimax Industrial paint, Barry believed this provided him with a system that wouldn't fail , was easy to spray apply and provided an excellent and durable finish.


External Windows

For the external aluminium window coatings, Barry chose to go with Jotun Hardtop XP a product Ultrimax provides as a 2 pack kit with hardener included. This polyurethane product is exceptionally hard wearing, available in any RAL or BS colourway and can even be applied by brush and roller as well as traditional spray application.


jotun hardtop xp on windows




Soffits Transformed With Ultrimax Industrial Paint

For the soffits Wilson Coatings chose Ultrimax SGX paint, by using a 1 pack paint that is easy to apply and produces a satin finish, these high traffic areas are protected from slight dents and knocks that occur in everyday commercial life.


louvres before SGX paint


commercial louvres with SGX industrial paint


Interior Transformation by Sayerlack

Being an older commercial property the building interior had become old and in desperate need of a refresh. Some new stud work and joinery was introduced to allow for a fresh open plan floorspace. Old fittings that could not be changed were refreshed using Sayerlack waterbased topcoat in white. The impression of modernity and light was provided by using a water based paint  Sayerlack AT99 , which contains very lowVOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) were reduced to a minimum when spraying. * This is especially important with other trades working in the same vicinity to reduce respiratory issues.


sayerlack paint for joinery


sayerlack paint for joinery



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Contact Barry of Wilson Coatings Ltd by Visiting their coatings website.


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